Google Pixel event: all the new hardware Made by Google

Google finally had its much-expected hardware event this Wednesday, where it revealed most of the new devices we already knew about and a couple surprises more. The new Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL were the highlights of the night, while the Pixel Buds, Google Clips, and Google Home Max were all unexpected introductions.

In the hours following the stream live from San Francisco, people have shared mostly mixed reactions about the new hardware family Made by Google. The expectations were high on the tech giant, and its delivery left much to be desired for some of the most demanding fans.

Nevertheless, Google continues to push forward its desires to become a complete company by finally merging both software and hardware with a pinch of AI to round it all up. Without further ado, here are all the announcements from today.

Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL – Price: $649 and $849

The new flagships by Google are here, and they are… Exactly what we expected from all the leaks. The Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL start at $649 and $849 and pack the latest technology developed by the tech giant both at a hardware level and on Android.

By now, we all know the specs on the new pair of handsets. News, however, include the confirmation of a squeezable frame, enhanced camera software, and Google Lens preview along with unlimited storage for photos and videos up until 2021. The Pixel 2 launches October 17 and the Pixel 2 XL this December.

Bonus: Google Pixel Buds – Price: $159

So there’s no headphone jack on the new Pixel phones, and that’s a problem. Luckily for us, Google thought about that too and brought us the new Pixel Buds. Launching this November for $159, the Pixel Buds are wireless headphones that come in a rechargeable case.

If that sounds familiar, hold your breath a little bit longer. You can also control the Buds with gestures on a touchpad, and it pairs automatically using Google Assistant. There’s a major different feature though, and that is real-time translation to 40 languages.

Google Home Mini and Max – Price: $49 and $399

The new members of your smart family home are here, and while you won’t be able to swap their bases for more vibrant color designs, you’ll find more uses for them around the house. The Google Home Mini, starting at $49 is the response to the Echo Dot and it fits in most tight places where you’d need a voice assistant.

However, the Mini is small, so you won’t get much sound out of it. For big sound, the tech giant is introducing a music-focused Google Home Max. This $399 speaker has been designed for Smart Sound relay and it can easily phase out your old speakers. Of course, it supports Google Assistant too.

Google Daydream View – Price: $99

Daydream is getting richer and better, with a more mixed selection of apps and games, so naturally, an updated Daydream View was in place. For $99, you get a slick new design made with better materials in three different colors and now supports more phones.

You can go for a ride on your own or bring people along with you by beaming your experience to your smart TV. The next step for Daydream, probably, will likely involve the addition of headphones on top of the head-mounted display to deliver more immersion.

Google Pixelbook – Price $999

The reign of the Chromebook is over, long live the new Pixelbook. This hybrid device is both a laptop and a tablet crafted with iconic touches that by now we can recognize as the Made by Google brand.

Starting at $999, the 2-in-1 is actually 4-in-1 if you count the positions you can use it in. There is also a separate $99 Pixelbook Pen that you can buy to let loose your creative spirit in the apps supported by Chrome OS.

Bonus 2: Google Clips – Price: $249

Finally, Google pulled an ace out of its sleeve and introduced Google Clips, a smart camera that takes pictures and short clips on its own. The wireless shooter is just a small cube that you can set anywhere and let it capture moments of your life to make it progressively smarter.

The $249 price might seem a bit prohibitive and the target market kind of niche, but there is definitely an added benefit to getting your hands on one of these Clips: automatic backup of all your pictures on your Google Photos account, along with unlimited storage throughout 2020.

Source: Google