Google-LG-Android Wear 2.0-smartwatch
Can Google make it in the weakened smartwatch market? Image: Digital Trends.

Google and LG have convened in a joint effort to develop a new set of smart watches for Android Wear 2.0. The devices will release on February 9, at a previously announced event for the new brand. This report comes from serial leaker Evan Blass.

Following the debacle of the smartwatch market, which saw the closing of companies like Pebble, many argue that Google’s move might not be the best.

However, the Alphabet-owned company has demonstrated its power to succeed where others fall short.

The Android Wear OS is already available for a select number of smartwatches from different manufacturers. Those devices will also receive the update in the coming months.

The LG Watch Sport and Watch Style specs

The two models are slightly different in size. The Watch Sport measures 14.2 mm in diameter, while the Watch Style is 10.8 mm. Both feature the same circular OLED displays.

The screens have larger resolutions than other smart watches. The Watch Sport has a 1.38-inch display with 480 x 480, and the Style is 1.2-inch with 360 x 360.

The Watch Sport also contains more RAM than previous iterations, 768MB in contrast to older 512MB models. The battery is also bigger and goes up to 430mAh, which gives them a few hours more of energy.

Both models come with WiFi, Bluetooth connectivity, and Android Pay capabilities. The Watch Sport includes 3G and LTE connectivity, GPS, and NFC radios.

Last features include Google’s Assistant, touch-sensitive display, a movable crown button, water and dust resistance. The price did not come with the leak, but it might soar between the $200, according to some sources.

Android’s current smart watch selection

Android Wear works with most Android phones and some iPhones, starting at versions 4.3 and beyond for the Google system, and 8.2 and beyond for iOS.

The lineup showcases models from famous watch designers like Fossil Q, Michael Kors, Nixon, Tag Heuer, and Polar. Also, phone and electronics manufacturers such as Motorola, LG, Huawei, Sony, and Asus.

Prices range from $100 to nearly $400 and include all the functions found today in most smartwatches. Google’s sales have not been very promising in this department, likely because of the lack of advertising.

However, Android Wear’s sales might also suffer from the same lack of innovation that has plunged the current smart watch market. LG’s new timepieces will probably have a hard time trying to change this.

In the meantime, Google keeps expanding its reach into every aspect of human life, their most recent success still being the Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones.

Source: Venturebeat