Google has introduced a new default as blocker for Chrome. What's the deal with that? Image: Compfight

Google has released an official statement to explain the addition of an official ad blocker feature to the search engine’s experience. Ever since the release of the Chrome browser they have tried to optimize a minimalist concept for the daily

Google has been upping its game constantly from detail to detail, like safe browsing and pausing auto-play Flash. However, the Google browser engine is mostly powered by user feedback and it seems that the most frustrating part of browsing is the disruptive pop-up up ads that interrupt both the experience and sometimes the software of the user.

Starting February 15, Google Chrome has stopped showing all ads on the pages that display the most “annoying ads” like autoplay video, and ads that don’t have an exit icon to close them down. However, Google has taken measures to eliminate annoying ads and avoid ruining online sponsoring. For this, they will rely now on better ad standards.

Google and the Coalition for Better Ads have the right idea

To determine which ads should and should not be shown Google, partnered up with the Coalition for Better Ads, an industry group that works towards the improvement of the advertisement experience. However, this means that sites that are affected by this change will display several Google ads.

On a brighter side of things, Google ads promises that it will feature an immediate skip button, as suggested by the coalition for better ads. The coalition for better ads is an international trade association of companies that are involved in means of online media it was formed by companies and publishers such as App Nexus, Admiral Publishers.

The coalition’s main function despite making the web a more pleasant environment for users is to filter ads without harming either publishers or sites that benefit from them and maintain a healthy “ecosystem,” which is how they refer to the internet as a whole.

What does Google seek by implementing ad blocking features?

Despite clearing the ad-filled environment for users’ comfort, Google will profit from their direct partnership with the Coalition. Since basic annoying ads have been and will be gradually eliminated they will be replaced by standard fulfilling ads; among them, it is to be expected that Google ads will now rule the game.

However, they claimed in their statement that every upgrade and every feature has always been in favor of Chrome and internet consumers, which is why they partnered with the coalition for better ads, in order to keep a balance on the internet environment.

Source: Google