Google Cardboard is a viewer that enables you to experience virtual reality on your smartphone. You need a compatible smartphone to work with the Cardboard device. Google developed the platform as a budget system to motivate developers to build VR compatible apps. You can work with Google Cardboard by placing a smartphone into the rear and viewing through the lenses on the front. In this article, we will explore five Google Cardboard apps specifically oriented to enhance user experience.

Titans of Space

Titans of Space features mini guided tour of planets and few stars in VR. You will be able to experience the real effect not only with smooth frame rate but also with head tracking latency.

Google recommends working with this app using Nexus 5 running Android 4.4.3 for a 50-60FPS experience. If you have the latest smartphones, then you can really enjoy the virtual tour of the planet. You will be able to compare the sizes of planets, moons with the ability to translate them into multiple languages.

Moreover, you can also purchase an optional 50 minutes of narration.


Seene enables you to capture and share the world in real like 3D effect by combining image, depth and movement. It is possible to capture real life 3D images in less than one second, including the ability to blur photos after capturing them by adjusting the depth of field. You can also apply creative filters and save the high-resolution images to your gallery.

War of Words

War of Words VR makes use of VR to take you back to 1916. You will be able to experience the real mind set captured by Siegfried Sassoon in his controversial poem ‘The Kiss’.

In addition to Google Cardboard, you can also use the app along with Durovis Dive, ImmersiON-VRelia GO, VRase and other virtual reality phone mounts.

You need to activate the War of Words VR experience by clicking the circular button. In the app, the poet explains the steps required to prepare a rifle for battle.


Vrse is a curated collection of the popular cinematic virtual reality, including short films, music videos, comedy and documentaries produced by The New York Times, Vice, Saturday Night Live, and U2. The app consists of leading 3D video with binaural sound, which will provide a great viewing experience via Google Cardboard.

Vanguard V

Vanguard V provides an excellent fast paced action VR experience, which will immerse you into a wonderful journey from the low orbit of our planet, and then to the very deep portion of our orbit coupled with amazing background music.

Produced by a group of eight team members, talents are sourced from a dedicated Reddit community. This game provides the best aspects of flight and adventure driven by music and innovation.