Neverwinter Nights Diamond Edition weighs 2.4GB but does not require an overly powerful computer to run. Image Source: HD Wallpaper

GOG’s Monstrous Winter Sale is on with holiday discounts, deals, XP, and unlockables for all fans to enjoy Christmas, the proper way. As a signature promotion, they are now advertising the free giveaway ‘Neverwinter Nights: Diamond Edition,’ for a limited time, until December 3rd.

At this time, fans of the game have a bit more than fifteen hours to claim this prize, according to the official website. After it’s over, GOG will offer another secret deal for those who couldn’t get the free giveaway.

Getting the critically acclaimed Nevermind Nights RPG is a no-brainer for fans of the genre and will come with three game Manuals, 16 HD Wallpapers, the complete game soundtrack, 28 avatars, 77 official artworks, a map, and the premium modules re-installer.

‘Neverwinter Nights’ is an action-packed fantasy 3D RPG for BioWare

The game comes from the same studio responsible for giving gamers some modern classics such as ‘Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic,’ ‘Mass Effect,’ and ‘Dragon Age.’ Though NWN never achieved the fame the first two enjoy today, it carved a niche of its own in the hearts of BioWare loyalists.

The third-person game debuted for Windows in 2002 and took upon the mechanics and setting of Dungeons & Dragons (3rd edition), which contributed to its popularity. The player character and his companions must roam the world in search of a cure for the Wailing Death, a dreaded plague affecting the city of Neverwinter.

Aside from the main campaign mode, Neverwinter Nights enjoyed a large massive online multiplayer mode, also praised by the gaming community. A sequel, ‘Neverwinter Nights 2,’ came out in 2006.

The Diamond edition of the game includes the three expansion packs originally released for the first version of the game, which add up to 2GB and more than eighty hours of playing experience.

How to get Neverwinter Nights for free

Interested players must simply log in or create an account at GOG’s website to download the game. It is DRM-free, meaning that it requires no activation or an online connection to play, and it even comes with a ‘money-back guarantee’ of 30 days.

As stated above, it weighs 2.4GB but does not require an overly powerful computer to run. This particular download will work with most modern versions of Windows, including 10, and need minimum specs to function smoothly.

Other deals offered on this year’s Monstrous Winter Sale

GOG is also offering a 60% discount in other Dungeons & Dragons-related titles such as ‘Planescape: Torment,’ the sequel to NWN, and ‘Icewind Dale 2.’ Also, award-winning ‘The Witcher: Wild Hunt’ is also there, among others.

There are many attractive bundles with different discount percentages, which bring them all to affordable prices. The Ubisoft collections, along with a Forgotten Realms and Gopher bundle dominate the list, but if this is not enough, GOG also offers users to the possibility to build and purchase a personalized package of their own.

Source: GOG