Google has introduced the new version of Gmail. Image: Google

The release of the newest Google Gmail update is here, and it has been announced that it includes high priority notifications and new security features to help business owners improve the way their work with G Suite with cloud-based collaboration and productivity apps.

Google announced in their official blog that the updates will effectively help more than 4 million paying businesses that are currently employing G Suite. This new update will also bring new applications that are powered by Google’s artificial intelligence and the integration of the previously mentioned apps with existing G Suite apps.

Gmail new security features

Google also claimed that its main priority right now is to keep users data safe, which is the reason the company introduced new phishing protections to address Business Email Compromise (BEC) threats or possibilities. This occurs when hackers or basically crooks intend to impersonate an executive in order to get users’ private information.

These new type of security turned Gmail into a free BEC attempts app and email service, phishing protections has helped the company successfully block 99.9 percent of the attempts by automatically warning users on what’s going on, or simply employing AI to automatically move messages to the spam tray, and now with the newly introduced Gmail confidential things could be even safer.

The new confidential mode aims to allow users to take control and set a filter on their content as users will be enabled to set expiration dates or choose to revoke previously sent messages , also users will now be allowed to require authentication via text message in order to open emails, this will make it harder for account hijackers.

New ways to handle your Gmail

In here Gmail has added the option to snooze emails, an attempt to help users manage their emails at their own rhythm without the need of stressing out over emails as soon as they get to them, instead of just ignoring emails, it just hides in the “Snoozed” inbox until the person is ready to deal with the email by setting the time to get back at it.

There is, however, a new Tool panel of 3 icons on the right side of the Gmail interface, it will feature icons that will take users to the “revamped Tasks, Keep and Calendar” with them complying with the functions of reminder programs and to note coworkers through different apps such as Evernote or One Note.

Source: Google