Why Generation Z Doesn’t Like Facebook

We’ve all seen the sharp increase in social media usage over the past few years.

It’s a simple way to keep up with friends, family, and associates. Furthermore, it’s become a vital tool for businesses as well.

Certain social media platforms attract different types of demographics, and Facebook attracts an older demographic, which we’ll discuss more in a bit.

What is it about Facebook that drives the younger generation away?

Specifically, Gen Z.

Let’s explore a few possible reasons for Gen Z not liking Facebook as much as some other platforms.

You’ve Got To Give Up So Much Personal Information

Many platforms you sign up for will ask you for personal information, but most social media platforms only require email and password.

However, at a minimum, Facebook requires first name, last name, valid email address, password, birth date, and gender.

Then, you provide a hometown, what schools you went to, and maybe current or former employment places. This is all suggested for Facebook to find people you may know.

Many Gen Z users aren’t comfortable providing so much personal information, which is why engagement with this demographic is very low.

The Whole Family is There

If you know anyone in the Gen Z demographic (think your younger brother, sister, or even your teen kids), think about how private they are. They guard their social media accounts with their lives, especially when it comes to parents or family members catching a glance.

That’s a massive problem with Facebook. The whole family is there—even your grandparents!

The Gen Z kiddos don’t want to put all of their business online for their families to be able to scroll through and catch up on.

It’s helpful to note that Facebook is still the dominant platform. Still, it’s decreasing in popularity, especially with apps like Tik Tok taking more and more of the Gen Z demographic.

Facebook usage has been on the decline since 2017, even more so with many big companies pulling their advertisements pending the current political climate and elections.

Other Apps Offer More

There are millions of applications out there, most of which you’ve never seen or heard of before. It’s this simple notion that pulls Gen Z in all of those different directions.

One of the most popular options that are giving Facebook a run for their money is Tik Tok, and it was Snapchat before that. But in all honesty, many people used Snapchat for their filters. They then went to post them on other social media platforms.

Tik Tok is that platform now with over 800 million users! Tik Tok provides users with endless editing tools. The videos that users can create are unique and, most of all, cutting-edge. This is an option that Facebook doesn’t offer.

Facebook has made quite a few changes, but quite frankly, those changes only seem to clutter the site and make maneuverability next to impossible. There’s too much going on, and if you took a break from Facebook and went back, you’d have no idea where to start or what was going on.

Why is Gen Z Such a Driving Force?

This is a generation that’s come up with technology. That means these kids are smart, like brilliant. Technology influences almost every aspect of their lives, and as it grows, they grow.

Generation Z is a generation of influencers that seek instant gratification when possible. They stand up for what they believe in, and they all seem to have the social influence to be vocal. Growing up with social media and technology, they understand the value of this platform. Check out TokUpgrade service review to know more specific details.

Generation Z users range from 5 to 25 years old. Nevertheless, if you’re a parent of an older Generation Z kid, and you try to look them up on Facebook to see what they’re up to probably because all of their family members are there.

They also don’t want to give up all that private identifying information that can allow searches of their names to pop up so easily.

However, if you do run across their profiles (moms and dads), try your best to respect their privacy, but if you see something that calls for concern, that’s a different situation.

Generation Z teens and young adults are fiercely independent, opinionated, and unbelievably chill. They understand the whole in a different way because they perceive things from a nonchalant, laid-back angle.

What’s the secret to them being so cool and laid-back?

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Parting Thoughts

Facebook is still the leading social media platform, but there’s no doubt that engagement with the younger generation is slipping for the reasons above, and a few others.

Gen Z may support a lot of things, but Facebook isn’t one of them.