The Surge doesn’t have a release date yet. It’s planned to launch at some point in 2017. Image Source: Eurogamer

Action, Sci-fi, and dystopia can fit when describing the next RPG-fix Surge by Deck13, and publisher Focus Home Interactive released 15 minutes of gameplay in this new entry of the genre. As it stands, gamers compare The Surge to the Dark Souls franchise, albeit a sci-fi version.

The game-maker trades heavy medieval armor and bastard longswords for futuristic hammers and exo-suits straight from that “Elysium” movie. The game sets apart from studio’s latest title, Lord of the Fallen, a blatant copy-cat of the second installment of the Soul series.

The in-game footage shows exploration, a stamina-based combat, looting, gear customization and crafting. Some of the ingredients any by-the-book RPG should have.  There is even a boss fight in the end.

An action RPG living in an advanced and contaminated Earth

Characters are left to roam a dystopian future version of Earth, where contamination and global warming have ravaged the lands and lead the world into a crisis. The player takes the role a member of a company dedicated to solving ecological problems named Cryo.

As the Earth is reaching its end days, survivors must go to the overpopulated cities to look for work. But intelligence and technology already made many jobs redundant. Thus, humans must suit up AI-skeletons to improve efficiency.

Things everyone needs to pay attention in the preview

Any fans waiting for a futuristic action-RPG might want to see the gameplay. Anyone who doesn’t goes through the end should read the following things that are set to differentiate the title.

Melee combat, while is stamina based, allows the player to target certain areas of the enemy. If the character hits, say, an unarmored part of the body, he can stack up the damage and get those juicy crits.

On the same note, attacks are classified as horizontal or vertical to make various kinds of damage. Different moves make for several combos that could end with an execution move-animation.

Combat seems fluid and dynamic. The exo-hero can evade, jump, run, glide and even tackle the enemy. Quick movements around heavier foes allow a greater amount of gore. Limbs, robotic arms, and helmets will fly off nonetheless.

Particular bays allow the player to shift between the available equipment, each one with its set of advantages (like protection against environmental hazard) to face the challenges of the dystopian world. Also, different weapons have different feels.

In med-bays characters can take “implants” to improve personal perks like life, speed, and resistances. They take specifics amounts of the limited “core-power” given by the exo-suit.

The Surge doesn’t have a release date yet. It’s planned to launch at some point in 2017. It will be available for PS4 (pre-order), Xbox One and PC.

Source: PlayStation Lifestyle