The Broken Man’- For the major part of the episode, things stay smooth and it is only towards the end that things get serious leaving us with the ‘taste of blood’, only to look forward for the next one.

“A girl is no more.”

Arya Stark is set to exhibit what ‘Westeros’ has skilfully taught her but her luck doesn’t seem to work out as she ends up being stabbed by the waif. Wounded, she falls into the canal but fortunately, the disappointment ends here because the ‘stark girl’ does survive the attack.

Meanwhile, in the Riverlands- Riverrun is retaken by Catelyn’s uncle.
Blackfish, is extremely sceptical when it comes to trusting the Freys whereas Jaime’s character is still hopelessly dancing on the tunes of her ’lover’, Cersei.

Events happening in the vicinity have unwrapped another mystery for good. Ian Mcshane’s flock is building a Westerosi church and they have none other than ‘The Hound’ to assist for the same.

Game of Thrones Season 6: Inside The Episode #7

While ‘The Hound’ prepares for the return; In King’s Landing, Margaery Tyrell is hosting an expanded con over the High Sparrow. Acting clean and pious, Margaery is inching towards her goal. It’d be interesting to see if the High Sparrow is able to read her intentions before she is successful in rescuing her brother and securing her throne.

The Siblings-

Theon is consistently instigated by her butch sister, Yara. In a hope to regain the Iron Islands, she wonders if she needs her brother to win the fight or not. But Unequivocally, it is the stark siblings at the North who are everyone’s favorite.

Sansa directs a sealed letter to ‘Littleginger’ with an intent to ask for his military support whereas Jon is laying low and doing what needs to be done.