Samsung Galaxy S6

Seoul, South Korea – Someone needs to remind Samsung (NASDAQ: SSNLF) that it is has been proved several times in the past (and sometimes even the hard way): A successful sale depends on a series of factors. One or two are not enough, especially when there is a bunch of other factors that weigh to the other side. The South Korean company launched Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge recently. But it seems that the models are not performing up to the mark

Well it seems that the consumers themselves reminded Samsung the above, since the Korean company was forced to herald on the financial report of the second quarter, a slight fall to the price of all the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge models. Obviously, the two new smartphones didn’t achieve their goal that their company had charged them with. Just like what happened last year, with the Samsung Galaxy S5.

And Samsung’s choice to decrease the price is not random. Truly, the new smartphone is the best of its series until today, but the price is too high. In fact, it’s too high not even for the technical features but also comparing to its rival, the iPhone 6, which costs the same amount of money but at the same time – according to most consumers – it has the advantage of a better and more charming appearance. You may agree or disagree with that, but the majority of consumers seem to agree. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on the other hand, is actually a beautiful smartphone but also even more expensive without providing a feature that could really be considered as an upgrade.

So no wonder, that Samsung cuts the price of both versions. The Koreans are now showing for the rest of the year, that they are counting on the two best smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, that have already been informally confirmed. We are now just waiting for the official announcement, on August 13th.

Despite the losses, Samsung will find a way to comeback. That could be either with the release of two new even better smartphones (enter Galaxy Note 5) or a new strategy that will allow the reestablishment of an improved promotion of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Either way, bottom line is that the prices are coming down so if you hesitated before, here’s your chance!