Technology can bring amazing things to life and Lexus SLIDE is the best example of that. Lexus SLIDE is a real-life and rideable hoverboard by Lexus. This Japanese car manufacturing giant claims to have created technologically the most advanced hoverboard in the world. In fact, it looks incredibly futuristic.

“Lexus SLIDE: The future is here.”

The human race has always dreamt of technologically advanced gadgets that can look nothing less than a miracle. Lexus, the car company, has finally turned one of such dreams into reality with Lexus SLIDE. It has successfully created a hoverboard that looks like straight from a sci-fi film. Lexus has also released a teaser for the hoverboard.

The SLIDE hoverboard works on the principle of magnetic levitation. The hoverboard gets its most important feature of “frictionless movement” due to liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets. In fact, this is the property which was thought to be impossible at first. Though the hoverboard is way too different than a car, Lexus has used quite a lot functionalities taken from the Lexus cars. Moreover, it has used bamboo to construct the body of this lightweight, yet robust Lexus SLIDE.

Mark Templin, executive Vice President of Lexus International said,

“It’s the perfect example of the amazing things that can be achieved when you combine technology, design and imagination.”

“Amazing in Motion.”

Amazing in Motion‘ is the new campaign by Lexus. The company aims to combine technology, design and imagination with this campaign and create things that seemed impossible earlier. And, Lexus SLIDE is the latest entry to this campaign.

However, Lexus SLIDE is only a prototype at the moment. It will be tested in Barcelona in coming weeks. Once everything is tested, this amazing Lexus hoverboard will be out for sale. It is certainly worth the wait.