Sony has made an announcement that details what is in store for PlayStation Plus subscribers when it comes to free games this February. According to a report, a total of two free games are going to be there for the PlayStation 4. As for other consoles, there will be three free games for the PlayStation 3 and three free games for the PlayStation Vita.

All the games will be available for download, starting February 2nd and will remain free throughout the whole month.

For the PS4, the expansion pack called “Democracy Strikes Back” of the top-down shooter game “Helldivers“, will be one of the free games. This title is a well-known co-op based game, which involves players teaming up with up to three other users in order to complete missions in different alien planets.

The other game that has been tagged as free is called “Nom Nom Galaxy“. In this title, the player is a member of Soup Co. and he must build his own soup-making factory with the end goal of making more soup than the competing soup companies.

For the PS3 “Helldivers: Democracy Strikes Back” is one of the free games. The two other titles are “Grid Autosport “, a racing video game, and the fighting video game called “Persona 4 Arena Ultimax“.

As for PS Vita, the mobile gaming console, Helldivers is one of the free games. “Nova 111“, which is a turn-based puzzle game, is also listed as free. Lastly, another puzzle-platformer game called “Lemmings Touch” will also be available for the PS Vita.

In another report, it was also mentioned that Sony is looking to bring back the “Vote to Play” for PS Plus members which will allow the users to vote for a game that they would like to be available for free in the next month. The voting will be available from February 9th till 22nd.