Ford Mustang 2018 review: Features, photos, and specs

Ford has released a set of design updates as a way to revamp what could be its most favorite vehicle of all time, the Mustang. The last iteration of this car came out officially in 2013. The company now looks to make some things better.

The Mustang 2018 will feature, among other differences, a front end more reminiscent of the classic retro models but without losing its modern values.

Ford wants to take the car back to its glory days, something that did not go as expected with the 2015 variant.

The refreshed Mustang will also receive powertrain and tech upgrades. The car will hit roads in 2017 on a global release. Pricing will come with its unveiling.

2018 Mustang specs and features

Ford Mustang 2018 Silver.
Ford Mustang 2018 Silver. Image: Ford.

The 2018 Mustang will feature a 5.0-liter V8 engine on its GT version while the standard sticks with the 2.3-liter turbocharged EcoBoost motor. The famous 3.6-liter V6 from 2015 now officially disappears from the lineup.

The four-cylinder EcoBoost also receives some improvements in torque for better performance under high stress from wide open throttle acceleration. The Mustang’s horsepower, however, remains near 310 like the 2015 model.

The V8 engine, however, received a much-expected dual fuel injection system that includes both port and direct injectors for each cylinder. A feature that Ford hopes will improve overall performance and total power output.

This type of injection will also reduce some of the car’s emissions as a preemptive measure to the new Tier 3 regulations that will come into effect in 2018.

Design shifts, exterior changes, and technology

Ford Mustang 2018 Interior black leather seats.
Ford Mustang 2018 Interior black leather seats. Image: Ford.

The GT’s manual transmission also gets some upgrades, including a revamped gearbox with a dual-mass flywheel and a twin disk clutch. There will also be a 10-speed automatic variant.

Externally, the face design now intends to look a bit more aggressive. The upper grille underwent some compression, and its angles are more evident than in previous models. The now-standard hood vents also run across the car and not in a complete horizontal manner.

Ford will also offer a total of 11 exterior colors and 12 different alloys for the wheels in designs that go from 17 to 20-inches big.

Ford Mustang 2018 board.
Ford Mustang 2018 board. Image: Ford.

The cockpit’s seats also receive a design shift and the SYNC 3 infotainment system, which became upgraded in 2016, now sports the SYNC Connect telematics service with a built-in 4G modem.

The standard Mustangs for the 2018 lineup will com with their signature two-gauge analog display while Premium models get a customizable LCD screen that brings more relevant information to the driver.

Source: Ford Mustang