US – Ford Motor Company or simply Ford (NYSE: F) believes in merging technology and luxury in its cars. This time, Ford is all set to bring advanced front-lighting technology that will make night driving safe. The new technology consists of an infrared camera and a regular camera that can detect objects, animals and humans on the road, so as to avoid any collision with them. Besides, these front-lights also detect whether the car is heading a roundabout or intersection ahead.

Ford cars can now avoid accidents occurring at night.

What does the new technology do in new Ford car?

Ford’s team did an analysis on night driving and road mishaps. It was concluded that unlit, unfamiliar roads are more prone to accidents when people drive at night. Ken Washington, the Vice President at Ford Research and Advanced Engineering, says regarding the accidents that often occur at night time:

“Many people who drive at night have had to quickly react to someone or something suddenly appearing in the road – as if from nowhere,”

Considering the severity of these accidents the car manufacturing giant from the US decided to bring about a technology that can help reduce these mishaps. There are two important aspects of this new technological advancements. Ford is bringing a camera-based advanced front lighting system and spot lighting.

The Camera-Based Advanced Front Lighting System is not a new technology. It was developed at the European Research and Innovation Center of Ford in Germany. This lighting system can broaden the light’s beam on roundabouts and intersections. This way, the driver can locate pedestrians, cyclists and also any exits. The camera-based front lighting system has also the ability to interpret the traffic signs, which may not be easily visible. The roundabouts are detected by the system by using the GPS. The company mentions,

“Where GPS information is not available, a video camera detects lane markings and predicts the road’s curvature. When next the driver uses the same road again, the headlights adapt to the course of the road automatically,”

Spot Lighting is still in the pre-development phase. This system will use the infra-red camera that can detect bigger animals and humans up to a distance of 120 meters. The detected object will be displayed on the screen placed inside the car, in the form of a spot and a stripe on the road surface. The frame of the object will be yellow, if at safer distance and red, if it’s closer enough to cause danger.

Both these advancements in the Ford cars will certainly be helpful in reducing the road accidents happening at night.