Flat-earther delays self-made rocket launch

Mike Hughes, the Flat Earth Society advocate, and amateur rocket scientist has delayed its much-awaited rocket launch due to regulatory issues with the Bureau of Land Management. The man recently joined the group of people who believe the Earth is flat as his latest schtick to fund his endeavors.

The 61-year-old limousine driver had also tried to crowdfund his projects before but had not had as much success. It has been three years since he turned to the Society for help, but none of his efforts had picked up steam up until now.

There are considerable dangers and safety measures to consider when launching yourself in a professionally built rocket. Hughes built his rocket in the backyard of his leased property out of aluminum and other metal parts he scrapped from other parts.

How exactly will the rocket launch happen?

Hughes’ rocket is powered by steam, so before the launch halt by the BLM, the driver planned to heat 70 gallons of water to act as fuel for the spacecraft. The original idea was to go up in the sky until reaching 1,800 feet at roughly 500 mph.

The launch would have taken place in public property, which disturbed the Bureau and gave them a perfect reason to shut the entire operation down from top to bottom. The driver, however, says everything is up to speed and that the halt is temporary until they secure permissions to launch at another private location.

The launch, which will apparently take place this Wednesday now, seeks to dispel the notion that the Earth is flat in spite of the abundant evidence there is about its shape. Hughes himself used science invented because the Earth is flat to develop its homemade rocket.

This is not the first time Mad Mike has a brilliant idea

“Mad” Mike Hughes is not a man who is easily satisfied. His restless sense of curiosity has led him to attempt this feat not once but twice before in the past. Only one of those attempts was successful, and he didn’t even cover a similar distance. He was also three days in recovery due to the injuries he sustained upon landing.

Aside from that, Hughes has said he plans to build a Sky Limo that cruises to the air just as it does on land. He also holds a Guinness World Record since 2002 for an incredible limousine jump.

After successfully launching himself up to the sky, Hughes says that the first phase of his space exploration plan will be complete. Subsequent phases involve larger distance to prove with eyewitness testimony and photographs that we live on an elongated disk that is surrounded by ice keeping the oceans from spreading further.

Source: The Washington Post