Flashpoint Paradox explained
Flashpoint Paradox explained. Image credit: YouTube.

The Flash, the TV series, released yesterday. During the last chapter of the second season, Barry Allen as The Flash, made an important decision. He will run back in time to save his mother’s life. It is a famous even in the comic, and it is known as the Flashpoint Paradox.

During the last season, the series introduced the main antagonist in the franchise, The Reverse-Flash. This villain dressed in a yellow suit has the exact power of The Flash. His most notorious plan was to change the past to avoid Allen becoming the Flash.

He manages to accomplish this by saving Barry’s mother on the day she was killed. This minor change alters all the story behind the heroes of the DC universe and leaves Barry Allen without powers.

Being a mere human, Barry needs to reconstruct the Justice League by recruiting the modified versions of his companions in this new universe. After he reorganizes the team, together they find a way to recreate the accident behind Flash’s powers.

TV Flashpoint is going to be different from that of the comics

However, this is not enough as the change in the timeline has caused a war between Wonder Woman and Aquaman that will destroy the Earth. To make things right, The Flash defeats his nemesis and travels back in time to make things as they used to be. This plotline gives birth to a new set of stories currently developed in the comics.

The series presents a similar version of the crisis. In a trailer released by Warner Brothers, we can see Barry living with his parents. He has no connection with his old job nor with his love, Iris West.

Another trailer released by the company shows Barry having an argument with The Reverse Flash about how this new world is born. Then, Reverse Flash  tells him if he does not make things right, terrible things will happen in the future.

Flash Season 3 will feature important cross-overs

However, J.P. Finn, the producer of the series has mentioned the third season would not be centered only in the Flashpoint. He teased a big crossover might happen during this season. However, he did not mention which characters would appear or how they would affect the story.

Also, with the next season of Supergirl approaching there might be a connection between these two series and DC Legends of Tomorrow. Supergirl’s producer mentioned the next big crossover would happen in the 6th episode of this new season.

Finn also explained that this Flashpoint version would focus on the relationship between Barry Allen, Iris West and The Reverse Flash. There won’t probably be any mention of the Justice League.

Source: Eonline