Smartphone cases and covers have become one part of our wardrobe now. Selecting a case that matches best with our look has become really important nowadays. Talking about luxury cases, these are unique designer pieces available. Let us have a look at a few luxurious and stylish mobile phone cases which you would die to have.

Mobile cases are not only to safeguard the phone from damage but free spins no deposit win real money nowadays have become a style quotient. Some people make a collection of mobile cases and carry different case each day on the basis of the attire they wear on a particular day.

Dragon and Spider Case from Anita Mai Tan


The most expensive and luxurious case in the world is the “Spider and Dragon” case from Anita Mai Tan. This case is made up of 18-carat white gold. Its beauty lies in the real diamonds that are embedded, for a total weight of 32 carats.

It has a beautiful dragon clinging to the back of the phone. This case is hard to keep in the pocket, you can carry it handy or in your handbag. What makes it expensive is the unique design and use of white gold and diamonds. If you have loads of money and don’t know where to utilize it, grab this masterpiece. 

Price: $880,000

Titanium Case from Brikk


The brand name “BRIKK” talks it all. This case is made up of Titanium and its beauty lies in the simple subtle designing done. It’s the sleekest case one could opt for. It’s available in different solid titanium color choices:

  • Gray Stealth
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Black Carbon

This case provides ultimate protection to the phone as there are no chances of damage to the phone. If safety is your major concern choose this case; a very subtle and classy one. BRIKK even offers color choices, while it’s simple, sleek and easy to carry. This case is designed especially for men, keeping their choices in mind.

This case is designed especially for men, keeping their choices in mind.

Price: $4,430

The Tower Flower Case


Girls, isn’t the case appealing? Every girl loves flowers; this case has a blossoming beauty combining flowers, rhinestones and the sparkling gold Eiffel tower. It’s a handcrafted plastic case and the flowers are made of mother of pearl.

So girls, design your phone with this cover and become awesome blossom. This case carries extra gems and pearls if in case you misplace some.

Price: $1,495

Dolce & Gabbana Case


This wallet style case is introduced by D&G. It has a black wallet covered with bronze or silver alligator skin. It includes two pockets; one for the phone and the other one for keeping credit/debit cards, driving license etc. It’s a very stylish case having gold 47-inch cross-body chain which makes it easy to carry.

It also has a beautiful coin key chain hanging which adds to its beauty. This is one classy piece and something unique which would differentiate you from others. This case protects the phone from all angles, the screen, as well as the back side of the phone. It is a multi-purpose case, designed especially for ladies. Those ladies who are brand conscious should opt for this D&G case.

Price: $595

Swarovski Crystal-Covered Case


This is the most shimmering, glittering and gaudiest mobile phone case. The small detailing done in this makes it look very pretty. It has gems, Swarovski, a small teddy bear, an octopus, a bow, flower, pearls and small piece of gold chain; all hand crafted. The handcrafted piece comes with extra jewels in case some gets displaced.

This case is apt for those who love shiny stuff. It is worth noting that the case doesn’t safeguard the screen of the phone and all the focus is laid down at the Swarovski design done on the back. The detailing is so beautifully done that it catches everyone’s attention towards it.

Price: $239

These are the world’s most luxurious cases. Well, if you have some extra money burning in your pockets, and have a thing for a smartphone, and here’s a real review of 12bet and make money to buy these amazingly costly cases for your phone.