FIFA 17 gameplay adds innovations to capture how each player thinks and move, interacts with opponents, defends, attacks, shots, and dribbles while the most notable addition to Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 is the “Real Touch” feature. Image Source: YouTube

Both EA SPORTS FIFA 2017 and Pro Evolution Soccer are coming in September. The games will be available for last Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3, and PC, but the last generation consoles will not see all the new features and innovations.

PES is available for pre-order in some countries in the official page. U.S. customers can get it for $59.99 in digital retailers like Amazon or wait for the release date, Sep. 13. The PC store to sell the title will be Steam

FIFA 2017 for PS4 will take off on Sep. 27, while other versions will come out in October. It’s available for pre-order for U.S. customers in EA sports official page, with various prices depending on the bundle and the console.  Starting price is $59.99

What’s new on PES?

The game boasts several improvements to increase the reality of the gameplay. The most notable addition is the “Real Touch,” which is the 1st touch control of the ball with the inclusion of real physics in the play. Different players will also control the ball in their  particular ways,

With “Precise Pass,” PES combined Real touch and ball physics to create the speed and the accuracy of the passes. The factors include the player’s skills and the angle.

The goalkeepers saw great improvements in motion and animation, and PES say they are the agilest keepers of the game’s history.

PES added an “Advanced Instructions” menu, where players can find individual and defined strategies for each team like, say, “Tiki-Taka,” tight marking and high pressure, each based on a group’s ideology.  Similarly, “Total Team Control” gives options during the match to instantly change the mentality of the squad.

There is an “Adaptive AI” that will learn how each one plays to fit the teams to their styles better. However, the opposing team will also adapt to the strategies and change gameplay accordingly.

PES also features “Authentic Visuals,” significant upgrades in the graphics with the incorporation of Fox engine.

What’s new on FIFA?

FIFA 17 gameplay adds innovations to capture how each player thinks and move, interacts with opponents, defends, attacks, shots, and dribbles. The “Active Intelligence System” is a brand new platform that introduces constant spatial analysis, increases ball activity and customizes each player based on how he is in real life.

The system allows smarter plays like fake runs, stunt runs or calling a player to support the pass.

The game also implemented a physical play overhaul to transform how each player interacts with each area of the field and battles for the ball in the air or on the ground. FIFA 17 improved visuals with the addition of the Frostbite engine.

Last gen consoles will not see the full power of these features. However, Xbox 360 and PS3 owners will stay enjoy other add-ons: the Squad Building Challenges, new attacking techniques, new leagues (like the J-League and Brazilian Clubs), and various game modes.

More so, all consoles will enjoy one of the most noticeable enchantments, the dead ball overhaul: players can now approach a free kick, a corner kick or a penalty in different angles and with different strategies, and further spice it up with the shooters personality.

Source: Konami EA Sports