Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) presented its own version of virtual assistant for Messenger. The assistant is named M and he receives commands mostly through messages.

And that is where the biggest difference lies between M, Apple’s Siri and Google Now, since Facebook M can receive oral commands through recorded messages only. According to Recode, Facebook M is designed with artificial intelligence that allows it to interact with humans to the degree that it seems to be a rational living being.

At the first stage, the digital assistant will become available to some users only, in order for tests and trials to be conducted in under realistic circumstances, while M will be able to complete tasks such as booking a table at a restaurant, or make purchases through Messenger.

According to the social networking giant, M will not be able to gain access to the user’s Messenger or Facebook profile, neither see the user’s contacts. That is a good move by the company, since it will avoid any issues or accusation on privacy policy. Of course, this does not mean that M will not ask the user for personal information that may be required for an order such as the address or phone number, even though that kind of information is known to Facebook through each profile already.

What raises our interest is the interaction that M will have with other virtual assistants, when installed to a phone that already has Cortana or Siri – or even both. And of course sooner or later we will have to decide wich assistant is better qualified to help users on their everyday tasks and make their lives easier. But until then, stay tuned and make sure to try M and share your thoughts and impressions in the comment section below.