Famous tech leaker confirms 'Nougat' is coming on August
Famous tech leaker confirms 'Nougat' is coming on August. Image credit: Tech News Today

According to unofficial reports from renowned tech leaker Evan Blass (@evleaks on Twitter), the latest version of Google’s mobile operating system might roll out in August for compatible devices.

The announcement saw the light on his Twitter account, as usual, back on Saturday, July 30. Blass tweeted that the newest Android build would be released along with the 8/5 security patch, further suggesting that the software would not be available for the Nexus 5 smartphone.

While Android 7.0 was already expected to have a third-quarter release, the announcement by Evan Blass adds more certainty and excitement as the launch date seems to be nearing.

Nougat could roll out along with the latest generation of Nexus phones 

An August release for Nougat would be a change of pace from previous Android versions, as they have rolled out later in the year leaning more towards an October release.

Never before has the mobile operating system seen an August launch, but some of the earliest versions of Android were published in September, while Jelly Bean 4.1. debuted in July 2012. Moreover, tech enthusiasts are also awaiting the release of the latest generation of Nexus phones, an announcement previously speculated to go hand-in-hand with the new software reveal.

In spite of this, the case for an August unveiling is not entirely unsubstantiated, as Google themselves have said that the new version would be rolling out later this summer. Besides, Dave Burke, VP of Engineering at Android, announced in a post on the Android Developers Blog that the final Developer Preview of Nougat was available back on July 18.

Taking a look under the hood of Nougat 

The official name of the latest Android build was revealed to be “Nougat” near the end of June, after a short-lived open campaign for name suggestions. Google has adopted the tradition of naming Android versions after candies and sweets in alphabetic order, with previous versions being Marshmallow 6.0 and Lollipop 5.0.

Tech leaker says Nougat is not going to be available for Nexus 5
The picture shows the candy from which Android 7.0 takes its name, ‘Nougat’. Image from YouTube

Nougat, which besides being an Android build is also a chewy candied-nuts bar, will reportedly support several new features including a multi-app display function.

The ability to show several apps at once in a split-screen would be one of the latest developments brought by Google to compatible handsets. Moreover, the Google Camera is also claimed to be revamped for 7.0, and included in the update in its new 4.1 version featuring enhanced functionality like volume key action customization.

The new version is rumored to pack exciting features, and Google adapts to its changing pace, with VR (virtual reality) mode apparently integrated to Nougat and expected to roll out in the official build.

Other functions like the implicit “Doze” mode, introduced in Android 6.0, are also said to be improved and present in the twelfth major version of the mobile operating system. The now signature Easter Egg is likely to be present, a game or animation that Android developers include in all their OS releases.

In Nougat, the Easter Egg is reportedly a game in which users can catch cats that appear on the screen by laying treats for them. The captured cats can then be shared with others.

August is also expected to be the month in which tech giant and Google contender Apple confirms the date of their event, in which the latest iPhone and iOS version are strongly rumored to be released.

Source: 9to5 Google