What You Should Know Before Your First Facial

Facials have often been a skincare staple for many men and women just like a massage would be for the body. However, if it’s your first time venturing out to the spa you may be a bit nervous regarding what to expect. Below, we’ve compiled a list of what you can expect. We’ve listed seven perfect tips that help you understand what you’re in for before you get your first facial. There are many skincare services to choose from and can range from using light therapy to mud facial masks. This advice will help you conquer any trepidations you may have before the big day.

Do your research

It is important to note that not every facial is created equally. This sentiment would also apply to the facialist performing the procedure. When looking for the perfect facialist, you want to look into the qualification of the professional. Keep in mind that you want to make sure you pick the best esthetician for the job who specializes in the particular treatment you are hoping to have performed. It is important to note that licensed cosmetologists, licensed aestheticians, and dermatologists can perform facials. Dr. Jule Russak from, Russak Dermatology Clinic says she suggests a licensed esthetician for performing more traditional facials.

How to choose the right facial for your skin

For a first time facial trip, you may experience a breakout after. Most of the time this happens if a facial extraction is performed badly. If you have a history of acne you may want to book an appointment with a professional who has a medical degree. But for most, first-time facial enthusiasts, there is no need to be nervous, since a small breakout can be normal, especially when your pores are getting cleaned out.

But you may be able to eliminate the possibility of a breakout if you chose a facial that is right for the type of skin you have. If you have any skin concerns such as sensitive skin you may not want to have an exfoliating treatment. If you are suffering from dry skin you may want to look into a treatment that would infuse certain serums into your skin like a hydra facial. You need to bring up any skin concerns such as acne or rosacea before your appointment so the professional can suggest the perfect path for your pores.

Miracles won’t happen over night

Even though many customers would like to believe their bad skin can be healed in one fell swoop, this is not always the case. Each facial treatment has its own timeline. A patient who has opted for a light treatment can typically see results in the first 24 hours. Traditional facials that include microdermabrasion and exfoliation can often cause redness, so a patient would see results about three days after their appointment.

What questions to ask before you leave

After your face has experienced a bit of TLC, you will want to make sure you speak with the professional regarding any aftercare. Since you paid good money for the treatment, you will want to be sure to keep up with a regimen that will have your face staying brighter for longer. Regularly scheduled appointments are a great way to keep your skin as healthy and rejuvenated as possible. Most facials can be performed on a monthly basis. Some customers prefer to have a facial with every season change, so four times a year, which works well too. You should always have a budget in mind and clear expectations of what you would like your facials to do for your well-being and skincare goals.