Facebook has, over the years, transformed into a bonafide communications platform, more or less, hence the need to remove the ability to message or chat your friends from the main Facebook app and the development of a standalone application aimed solely for this functionality.

The messenger application has surely changed into something that is more than just a tool that enables you to chat with your friends, with the company’s latest announcement of more than 800 million monthly users, just cement the fact that the app is growing day after day. According to a report, the Palo Alto-based tech giant has started working on a version of the application for Apple’s Mac operating system as well.

Photos of the unreleased application have been circulating on the internet and the image had, what looked like, a Facebook employ using the Messenger on Mac.

This move will surely be in the interests of the firm, and it will be a welcome application as it allows the users to chat their friends without the need of opening the browser window.

Facebook, however, has neither confirmed nor denied, yet, that they are working on such an application or not. When asked for a comment on this report, their response was, “We don’t comment on rumor or speculation.” and this comment is a very standard response to how companies deal with such questions.

It is very important to keep in mind that the Facebook messenger is in line with the top messengers like WhatsApp, that is an app now owned by Facebook, Line and WeChat.