Facebook has revealed the existence of two full games inside the Facebook Messenger Chat App. Many times we do get bored of the games that are there on our phones after playing the same thing again and again or there are some people who don’t have any entertaining app installed on the device, so for them these games are definitely a refresher.

Here are the two hidden games on the Messenger application. Do note that they don’t need any extra installation to work. All you need to make sure is that you are on the current version of the application.

You can access Facebook chess by typing a secret code into a chat window of the person you want to play chess with.

The secret code, that is @fbchess play.

The game is a little tricky and will need getting used to.

  • Type “@fbchess play” into the chat screen of the person you want to play with. This will reveal the chess board.
  • The person that initiates the game will by default play White and is also allowed to make the first move.
  • Every move needs to begin with the prefix “@fbchess.”
  • So, if you want to move your pawn (P) to square E3, you would use the command “@fbchess Pe3.”
  • The descriptive notation for the pieces is K for the king, Q for the queen, B for bishop, N for the knight, R for rook and P for the pawn.
  • For help with the game, type “@fbchess help.”

Other commands:

  • “@fbchess resign” ends the game
  • “@fbchess stats” reveals the statistics of the players involved in the game
  • “@fbchess play white” or “@fbchess play black” to choose the color you start playing with. If no color is specified, the default is white.


The other game in the application is the basketball game.

  • In any conversation select the “basketball” emoji and send it to the other person. The emojis will be there on your keyboard.
  • Launch the basketball game by tapping on the basketball emoji you just sent. A basketball and a hoop will show up.
  • Flick the basketball with your finger to play the game.
  • You score a point when the ball lands up in the hoop.

Which of the two is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.