Menlo Park, CA – Facebook (NASDAQ: FB) is recently doing some tests on its latest feature called as “See First”. This feature lets you choose the posts you want to see on the top. The “See First” feature is precisely introduced so as to view friends’ posts on top of Newsfeed. Since currently the feature is undergoing testing phase; it isn’t quite readily accessible for the users. However, users can turn it on for specific friends or pages. Once turned on, users can see the recent posts from these friends or pages on top of Newsfeed.

How the “See First” feature works in Facebook

Facebook has a complicated algorithm that studies users’ liking based on the pages the users visit frequently. Depending on this study, Facebook generates Newsfeed that is visible on the users’ page. However, due to the large number of Newsfeeds pouring in every moment, people often miss out on an update of a close friend. To avoid this situation, Facebook has come up with a new feature called “See First” to let the users give priority to the posts of their friends. So, even if the Newsfeeds are getting piled on your page, you can still see your friends’ updates immediately.

This feature will also benefit the marketers. If their target audiences choose their pages using “See First”, then the marketers’ updates won’t be lost in the crowd of various Newsfeed. Though the Newsfeed is relevant to the users’ choice and they can keep it as it is; they can still prioritize certain pages to see first.

It seems that the “See First” method is less complicated than selecting how much content you want to see or how less or more you want to see about a person. It will be interesting to see how this new feature works for Facebook users.