Facebook works on a video app and tweaks its video platform
Facebook works on a video app and tweaks its video platform. Image: Baaghi.tv.

Facebook has been copying some features from Snapchat for some time now. First, it started with “Instagram Stories”. The stories on Instagram were presented on a small update that said that everyone on Instagram already shared their best photos and videos on the app but they wanted to make space for more natural content.

Since the introduction of Instagram Stories, Facebook also introduced the 24 hours long content format in Whatsapp and now in Facebook’s messenger app.

Messenger Day was introduced past March 9. Facebook launched the new Messenger’s built in camera last year to enhance the communication experience. According to Facebook, the camera has helped the conversations, they are better than before. Photos on Messenger day, much like Snapchat’s, include visual tools or filters to make the photos stand out.

Messenger Day works like other standard 24 hours photo apps. You can add photos or videos to Messenger day and your friends can view them or reply directly to you.

Instagram Stories ads
Companies will advertise their products on Instagram Stories. Image: WeRSM.

You decide who you share your content with. In Messenger Day you can share your photos or videos exclusively with your friends or family, or you can share it with all your contacts.

Messenger Day works like this:

First off, you have to update the Messenger app to the latest version. Once inside the app, there is a highlighted camera icon with a sun, tap on it. It will activate the full-screen camera on the app, you can also tap on the “Add to your day” icon at the top of your inbox.

Proceed to take a photo, video or even a selfie. Once you have your photo or video you can add filters and effects tapping on the smiley face icon at the top right, the app will also allow the user to add a text to the content.

Lastly, to add to your day you only have to tap the arrow in the bottom right corner, the app also allows you to save it to the phone’s camera roll or to send it to a specific person. The photo or video will only be available for 24 hours.

Users who want to start sharing moments of their day on the Facebook Messenger app first need to make sure they have the latest updated version. Image Source; Tech Crunch

The 24 hours format is a standard now.

When a spokesperson from Facebook was asked why they are using so many similar camera experiences on all their apps, he answered that the format is a standard now, people want to communicate using this kind of features.

“We’ve added this feature to WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger and have started to test it on Facebook too because we’ve learned that people like to use stories in different contexts and we want to give them the option to share this way across all of our apps,” said the spokesperson from Facebook.

Messenger day was announced and released on March 9 globally for Android and iOS.

Source: Facebook