Experts’ Global provides the most holistic MBA Admission consultancy in the world

Navigating the landscape of MBA admissions may seem an overwhelming task as the MBA aspirants may not be aware of the nuances that the admissions committee looks into while selecting applications to the programs. This is why students seek the help of expert MBA admission consultants. In this field, Experts’ Global has earned exceptional repute as the most preferred MBA admissions consultants, as it owns a 360-degree understanding of the application process. This is also the reason why the firm has been able to help its applicants own a seat in the globally-ranked 150 top MBA programs.

End to End Admission Consulting

The MBA admission process involves numerous aspects such as shortlisting schools, story drafting, resume building, MBA interview training, and the like. Experts’ Global, dedicated as they are to their purpose of helping the students realize their dreams, have designed their MBA admission process as an end-to-end admission consulting practice. The extremely qualified and dedicated team of admission mentors at Experts’ Global is well-equipped to help their students with every minute aspect of the MBA application process.

School Shortlisting

Shortlisting MBA programs can seem an overwhelming task for the MBA applicants. However, the experienced team of admission consultants at Experts’ Global knows just how to align your experiences and aspirations with factors such as program options, scholarship opportunities, financial feasibilities, duration of the program, etc., to shortlist the perfect program for you.

Clear Feedback

The MBA admissions mentor at Experts’ Global will provide honest feedback to keep you on track with your progress, throughout the application process. These brutally honest feedbacks may sting at first, but they help you identify and acknowledge your weakness and, thereby, improve. Students have repeatedly acknowledged the benefits of this feedbacks, in the long run.

Theme Building

A strong MBA application essay is one that tells a story. The essay-writing team at Experts’ Global duly understands this aspect and works with the student to devise a theme that wonderfully strings together the student’s experiences, achievements, and ambitions into a compelling, singular narrative. This team knows just how to highlight the strong points of the applicant’s profile through the essays.

Well Defined Application Process

Experts’ Global follows an extremely well-structured approach to the MBA admissions process. Thus, they have devised a system of milestones that must be tracked and fulfilled by both the student and the mentor. This system ensures that the student takes one step at a time and completes the application cycle without getting overwhelmed by the nuances of the process.

Interview Training

MBA admissions interview is a crucial part of the application process and Experts’ Global has designed the perfect interview training process, in recognition of the necessity of the same. The prep regime begins the moment the applications are sent out, even before the calls start coming in so as to ensure effective training for the students. The training program is divided into 3 stages. At first, the student watches a series of instructional videos that educate him/her in the fundamentals of the interview process. Next, the student answers a list of 30 most commonly asked MBA admission interview questions. In the third stage, the interview mentor conducts mock sessions with the student, providing feedbacks and working closely to ensure that the student is absolutely ready to ace the admissions interview.

Rich Content

Experts’ Global’s MBA admissions consulting package abounds with self-study resources. A repository of conceptual videos explaining each step of the application process such as resume writing, application management etc., empowers the student to opt to independently work on the applications, should they so desire.

Team Quality

The MBA admissions consultants at Experts’ Global are incredibly experienced. With an encyclopedic knowledge of the particulars of the MBA admissions process and of the MBA programs, worldwide, they are the masters of their art. Moreover, their highly organized approach to work enables the students to remain in touch with them.

Guiding Principle

An interesting aspect of the Experts’ Global’s MBA admission consulting ideology is the fact that they view their clients as their students and themselves as teachers. Thus, like good teachers, they feel responsible for their children’s careers.

Experts’ Global, undoubtedly, has become the most preferred option as MBA admissions consultants for several MBA aspirants, across the globe because they approach what is a highly complex and often counterintuitive process, with clear methodology and strict discipline, both backed by thorough research.



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