The Evolution of Content Marketing in 2020

We are in a new decade, and it brings several new content marketing trends that will alter how content is created for businesses. However, it is not only content marketing that is evolving, but people are also always changing. The needs of people are changing, and it is crucial that you should keep updating ways of content creation. The audience is always looking for useful and engaging content. Today, we are going to discuss content marketing trends that you should know to skyrocket your business.

Check out the recent trends below to know the evolution of content marketing.

Optimize your content in 2020 – The introduction of smartphones, and some AI-powered​ assistants; voice search has significantly emerged in 2020. More and more people are using voice search to search for products or services online. They feel convenient to speak their queries instead of typing.

You will notice that the text that we speak is different from what we type. People tend to express long sentences that are more appropriate; instead, they used to type shorter ones. Hence, it is significant to optimize your content for voice search as well. Anticipate questions conversationally and include them in your content.

Videos and live-streaming

Videos are gaining momentum, and they have become prevalent in today’s world. All thanks to some video apps such as TikTok, Twitch, Youtube, etc. It is going to grow more in 2020. Hence, it is now time that you should focus more on video marketing.

Audiences love to see videos from brands and businesses they love and support. Hence, if you want to engage more with your audience in 2020, start incorporating more videos. Videos perform great on several platforms, including Facebook, Linkedin, etc. You can also consider live streaming on Facebook and Instagram. They are working well, either.

Conversational Marketing

Marketers have realized that they can move the customers​ rapidly in marketing funnels. It is done with the help of one to one conversation. It is one of the primary reasons why content marketing is a new trend in 2020. One to one interviews with their audience help business learns a lot about them. It further helps them to create content and other messages according to what their audiences like. Conversational marketing is done in varied forms such as email marketing, Facebook Messenger marketing, chatbots, live customer support, etc. Learn more about your target audience by connecting with them one to one.

Visuals powered by AR.

Augmented Reality visuals and filters are the show-stealers​ nowadays. People, especially Millennials, love them, and they are the new talk of the town.

Filters and lenses offered by several platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram are amazing. People give themselves a puppy nose, place a pretty flowered crown, bunny ears, etc. are all through Augmented Reality.

Users play around with them and create fun visual content. With the help of AR, businesses can create branded filters and lenses to promote their business in such social media platforms. AR-powered visuals are going to stay, and they are loved by users in 2020.

Dynamic Content Delivery

Personalization is becoming greatly crucial in 2020.​ Audiences keep looking for personalized emails and special offers from brands personalized for them. Moreover, they are also looking for next-level personalization. This is done by dynamic content.

Dynamic content is referred to as adaptive content that changes according to the needs and preferences of distinct consumers. For example, the content on your webpage will change according to the location, weather, etc. of a user. They work based on demographics, weather conditions, behaviors, interests, etc. of your target audience.

The bottom line

Now you are aware of content marketing evolutions that are going to work in 2020. Start planning and look for new ideas and strategies. Implement them in your content marketing strategies and see your business skyrocket. The tips shared are sure to work and will make your brand stand out in the competition. Stay ahead of your competitors and start implementing these tips today! Plan ahead of time so that you can see your business rank high as compared to your competitors. Outbid them by following new content marketing trends meant for the decade.