US – Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT) finally launched its most sought-after OS, Windows 10, yesterday. Many people had marked the date of July 29th, on their calendars. Along with the brand new OS, comes the most awaited and technologically advanced browser from the software giant; Microsoft Edge. Many people were eagerly waiting for Microsoft Edge to arrive. It is faster and offers better experience than Internet Explorer. However, there are still few people who want to stick to their favorite browsers, like Google Chrome, while using the latest OS, Windows 10. Good news for such users, it’s now possible to enjoy all the features of Microsoft Edge while still using Google Chrome. How? Read on.

Google Chrome has all the features that Microsoft Edge can offer you!

Microsoft Edge

How to experience Microsoft Edge on Google Chrome

Microsoft Edge, earlier named as ‘Project Spartan’, is sleeker and faster than Internet Explorer. However, it is not exactly as efficient as that of Google Chrome, when it comes to extensions and add-ons. That’s why, many users would still want to stick to Google Chrome, while enjoy the Microsoft Edge experience.

We are not talking about a way to integrate Microsoft Edge with Google Chrome. We are simply comparing these two browsers feature-by-feature. So at the end of this comparison, you will understand how you can have the Microsoft Edge experience on Google Chrome! Here is the list.

  • Google Chrome lets you draw, add text, sketch shapes and fill in the colors on the webpages by enabling the add-on Web Paint; something that you will see in-built on Microsoft Edge.
  • Google Chrome also lets you view the articles in a full-screen reader if you have the Readability extension.
  • If Microsoft Edge has Cortana, Google (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has ‘OK, Google’ voice search feature. Make your search using this voice command integrated with Google Chrome. With the help of voice search, Google search engine listens to your question, translate the words into text, and displays the desired results.
  • Microsoft Edge is sleeker at the moment. However, the makers of Google Chrome are working on making the browser smoother and faster.

So now, you have come to know that Google Chrome has the power of extensions which can offer all the features that Microsoft Edge has. Happy surfing!