How to Make Yourself More Employable

The world of work can sometimes feel like an isolating space, especially when you’re on the hunt for a job and you’re finding it difficult to land roles in companies you’re keen to represent. If you’re in such a place, unsure of your worth and worried that you’re less employable than you need to be, this is the article for you. With encouraging insights and some key tips to help you find a more employable set of skills, this article is all about getting onto the job ladder through upskilling and tweaking your current set of skills.

Showing Your Skills

The first tip here is not so much about upskilling as upselling. There’s no need to consider yourself under-skilled; if you’re being rejected from a number of job applications, the problem might simply be how you’re selling your skills to the company you’re applying to. As such, before reading the rest of these tips, consider how you may be able to sell yourself in a more appealing light, hammering home on the skills that make you such an excellent candidate for the jobs you apply to.

Do Your Research

Skills are, of course, not all about training courses and modules to help you understand new business processes. You can also make yourself more employable by researching everything about a company you hope to join. For instance, you could:

  • Look at the history of the company, and how it developed
  • Look at the company’s competitors, and how they are fighting them
  • Look into the recent news stories and press releases related to the company
  • Look at the industry to which the company you are applying to belongs

With all of this extra knowledge, you’ll be sure to dazzle in the interview stage, where employers are looking for someone highly motivated and confident to join their team.

Training Courses

There are a number of different ways in which individuals manage to upskill themselves in the modern era. Some choose to attend conferences, seminars or workshops in order to make a connection and to test themselves with industry specialists. Some choose to return to school, college or university. But if you’re looking for a specific set of skills, check out the 6 Sigma Training courses online to find out how you can retrain yourself in some of the key business skills that employers love. These courses are an investment in your future: something you should take seriously as you search for jobs.

Get Experience

There’s another side to employability that’s often downplayed in the media – and that’s experience. There are many forms of experience that employers find interesting and inspiring, including:

  • Apprenticeships, placements, and internships
  • Time you’ve spent living or traveling in new places
  • Companies you’re worked with or for, and the relationships you forged in those roles
  • What your time in education was like, and how you behaved while studying

With all this extra information to pack into your CV and your interview, it’s likely that you’ll find lots more to make yourself seem employable – helping you secure that dream job you’ve been longing for.

Making yourself more employable is simply – follow the above tips to help you get more job offers under your belt.