Eminem disses Drake over feud with Joe Budden, leaked track!
Eminem disses Drake over feud with Joe Budden, leaked track!. Image credit: Raccon Knows

After a three-month-old beef between the hip-hop artists Joe Budden and Drake, unofficial reports indicate the legendary Marshall Mathers, A.K.A Eminem, was also getting ready to get involved in the feud. Despite being quickly dismissed as false, the 43-year-old rapper has set the discussion on fire once again.

According to new reports earlier this Thursday, August 4, The Real Slim Shady believes that the situation should heat up enough for him and Drake to battle, the Canadian singer “would get destroyed.”

The seemingly official claims come from a third party source and represent the latest developments in a feud that spans over three months since early May. Moreover, a leaked track might seem to confirm Eminem is taking on Drake.

Drake vs. Joe Budden 

The fourth studio album by Drake was announced back in January, before the premiere of the single “Summer Sixteen” which was featured in the subsequently released “Views” later in April.

“Views” was overall well received by critics and audiences alike, amidst a viral controversy about the now iconic cover of the album which features a photoshopped Drake sitting atop the CN Tower in his hometown of Toronto. However, the New Jersey-born rapper Joe Budden had some things to say about Drizzy’s latest release.

Budden dedicated a whole episode of his podcast series “I’ll Name This Podcast Later” (INTPL) to review the album by the former Degrassi star.

While he liked the sounds of the tracks and praised the work of the longtime Drake collaborator Noah “40” Shebib on the production of the album, he considered the lyrics a regression from his previous works and went even further to call the release “uninspired.”

Joe Budden trashes Drake on podcast 

Soon after that, Budden claimed that Drake allegedly took shots at him in the “4 PM in Calabasas” track, followed by further allegations regarding the unreleased French Montana song “No Shopping,” which features Drake and contains verses reportedly aimed at Budden.

Joe Budden did not wait until the release of the French Montana-Drake collaboration, releasing two diss tracks titled “Making a Murderer Pt. 1” and “Wake”, both produced by AarabMuzik.

Following the track’s wildfire-like online spread, Joe Budden was the star of a misfortunate episode in which two people neared his property and proceeded to tease him, resulting in a full-fledged car chase in search of the perpetrators.

The video went viral on the web, and although Drake followed one of the guys involved in the incident, Budden dismissed their actions as “dangerous.”

Eminem takes a shot at Drake on leaked track

In his show earlier this week, the Hot 97 Radio host Ebro Darden a.k.a. DJ Ebro claimed that he had spoken to Drake and told him that Eminem, who represents Budden under his Shady Records label, might come after him in a diss track.

Reportedly Drake laughed about it and joked about hitting back if the situation arose. The conversation was revealed to be false by Ebro himself through his Twitter account late Wednesday night.


The leaked track is a fake. It is actually a 2011 song by Denace & Slick Chops called ‘Explosive.’

Source: International Business Times