SpaceX is taking the first steps to make a manned trip to Mars a reality. Image: Compfight

Elon Musk’s SpaceX will move to Los Angeles to open its design, research, and development facility for its Mars rocket, known as BFR and short for Big F***ing Rocket. It will be around 350 ft tall and 30ft wide, being according to Musk the “first interplanetary ship” which is set to be doing short flights during the first half of next year.

This could be tempting to Los Angeles since it could bring around 700 jobs in the area, and it has been described by officials of the city as a big opportunity. The deal is yet to be approved by the board of harbor commissioners on Thursday, as it was announced this Monday.

Elon Musk’s vision is to go to Mars and beyond

The new port in Los Angeles could prove to be a major building block for Space X’s CEO Elon Musk’s mission to settle a human colony on Mars, which is set to begin in 2022. However, this is just one of the steps that have been unveiled as Musk’s plan to take on Mars by founding a space civilization and a “multi planetary species”.

Space X’s CEO told an audience about his exciting plans before stating the company’s plans to land 2 cargo ships on Mars in 2022 and a manned crew in 2024. On the other hand, to achieve this deadline, Musk should begin building the first spacecraft by the middle of the ongoing year, but it is clear that Musk is not one to be concerned with meeting deadlines.

About the Mars-bound BFR and its mission

The 350ft tall BFR represents a long-awaited milestone in Musk’s repertoire of space odysseys. It was revealed that the rocket will consist of 40 cabins that are expected to fit 2 to 3 people per cabin, transporting around 100 people to Mars per flight. To pay for the ship, SpaceX plans to use money from satellite launches and their services, but there haven’t been many details.

It has been reported, however, that among the things missing, money aside, is the location for the rocket’s test.

Also, Gwynne Shotwell, president of SpaceX, gave another insight into the current missions of the firm. He said, “As announced today by Mayor Garcetti, the Port will play an increasingly important role in our mission to help make humanity multi-planetary as SpaceX begins production development of BFR—our next generation rocket and spaceship system capable of carrying crew and cargo to the Moon, Mars, and beyond.”

Apparently, Musk’s previous Falcon 9, 1, and Heavy rockets have been giving him a confidence boost to take on this project. If Musk were to be successful, this could mean the potential launching of several deep space missions, certainly marking a big step for humanity.

Source: CNN