Elon Musk reveals the Solar Roof, a Tesla-Solar City product
Elon Musk reveals the Solar Roof, a Tesla-Solar City product. Image credit: The County Caller.

The joint CEO for Tesla and SolarCity, Elon Musk, finally revealed a prototype for a solar-powered house roof at an event at Universal Studios, LA, on Friday. Photovoltaic Shingle‘s introduction brings a new concept of renewable energy and green living.

Tesla’s official site live-streamed the whole event. Musk did not show just a single type of roof but many, designed to adapt to a wide number of buildings. The company built the prototypes into scale buildings the company brought to the studio.

The Photovoltaic Shingle also marks the first recognizable collaboration between Tesla and its soon-to-be subsidiary SolarCity, a merger Elon Musk expects to wrap up officially in November.

Tesla’s solar roofs don’t have a price or release date yet

Elon Musk did not announce an official release date or a price for the roofs. He focused solely on the proposed designs and its functionality, stating the company’s goal is to produce aesthetically pleasing panels that are durable, efficient, and affordable.

Tesla built the solar cells that make up the roofs in the form of ‘textured glass tiles,’ ‘slate glass tiles,’ and ‘smooth glass tiles.’ Each one is individually mounted and replaced, and they look like the regular tiles found on any house rooftop.

The first type intends to cover houses with a more conventional ceiling design while the second category will work with homes that require uniquely shaped tiles. Tesla will manufacture these via a process called hydrographic printing.

The third kind is for houses with a much modern look. Elon Musk also introduced a Tuscan-style tile for roofs of this particular sort. He followed the presentation with a video that demonstrated the durability of the glass used for the tiles.

Tesla unveiled the Powerwall 2 and the Powerpack 2

He also introduced the new Powerwall 2, which will provide a 4-bedroom home with enough energy storage for a full day of consumption, being able to double the power output of its predecessor at 14kW per hour of charging and a 7kW production. It will cost $5,500.

Musk also unveiled the new Powerpack 2 utility battery, with storage of 210kWh and an output of 50kW. Both products will fully integrate with the solar panels mentioned above.

The new prototypes are part of a system that represents Tesla’s vision for sustainable living in all fronts.

Tesla Power Pack 2.
Tesla Power Pack 2. Image credit: Inverse 2.

Musk introduced the concept by showing the three areas that will comprise this structure, ‘Generation’ (of power), via these solar roofs, ‘Storage’ of energy into the Powerwall and Powerpack batteries, and ‘Transportation’ with Tesla vehicles.

Source: Tesla