Ecobee 3 lite preview
Ecobee 3 lite preview. Image credit: YouTube.

The lite version of the famous Ecobee 3 Smart WiFi Thermostat will start shipping on October 31st. People can already pre-order it via the official website or through Amazon. It starts at $169, $80.

The Ecobee 3 thermostats allow users to automatically (or manually, if they choose) controlling their cooling or heating devices. It is a smart electronic device that learns from its environment and can reportedly save users’ money on energy consumption.

The Ecobee partners with a Remote Sensor that feeds it information about temperature in different rooms allowing it to behave accordingly.

The sensor does not come with the ‘lite’ version, so users will have to take their homes’ configuration in mind when choosing which variant to buy.

Features and connectivity

The Ecobee 3 lite is almost the same size as its predecessor and features the same connectors. Users can adjust their temperature settings through Android and iOS apps (the lite version’s apps are yet to be released).

These apps not only help the user manage their Ecobee but also give them reports on energy savings and overall home efficiency monthly.

The LCD screen of the black Ecobee lite’s panel will display a room’s current temperature, daily weather reports, and manual controls. Ecobee lite will alert users when something does not work properly and includes a Vacation Mode.

Ecobee lite, like its bigger version, works with Amazon Echo (and Alexa), Apple HomeKit (and Siri), Samsung SmartThings and IFTTT.

Technical specs

The Ecobee 3 lite is 4.05 inches tall x 4.05 inches wide with rounded edges and an all-black finish. The 3.5″ LCD touchscreen is full color and has a display of 320 x 480 pixels. The internal thermostat gives the device a depth of 0.84 inches.

Users install the Ecobee by hardwiring it onto a wall, meaning they integrate it into their home’s electric cabling. The Ecobee is compatible with gas, oil, electric, and dual fuel systems and comes with all the required wiring for easy installation.

It can seamlessly connect to the latest WiFi networks, protect itself from cyber threats with WPA and WPA2 encryption methods, and work with a 15/20 Mb bandwidth. Its power consumption is less than 3.5 VA.

Its temperature range goes from 41° to 98° Fahrenheit (about 5° to 36° Celsius), with a sensitivity of 0.9° F, give or take.

Source: Ecobee