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Nobody knows what the future has in store for us, except when a technology change occurs. Electronic cigarettes have impressively stepped ahead of paper cigarettes in an outstanding way. They have become the preferable smoking product of millions of smokers all over the world.

This great innovation was introduced to stop the usage of nicotine and lead the healthier life. And as it usually happens, every new technology change sweeps away the old ways. Of course, it’s too bold to suppose that vaping will push out smoking from the scene, but a lot of ex-smokers already use vapes as an alternative product to tobacco.

And while vaping has never been so popular, it seems like an electronic cigarette (check here)  can become even more widespread. The developers go above and beyond to refine the existing models and offer new experiences for consumers.

Where Did It Come From?

The attempts to develop a digital smoking device started in the 20th century. Here’re the most famous of them:

1927 – Joseph Robinson filed a patent for the mechanized model of a vaporizer that was approved.

1963 – Herbert A. Gilbert applied for a patent for a smokeless, non-tobacco cigarette that heated a nicotine solution and formed steam, but it wasn’t manufactured.

1979 – Dr. Norman Jacobson and Philip Ray developed a way to inhale nicotine without smoke – the Favor cigarette (a nicotine-soaked paper inside a cigarette-like plastic device). Phil Ray also pioneered the term “vaping”.

1993 – Eagle Bill developed a portable vaporizer pipe called “Shake ‘n’ Vape” which was quite popular among marijuana smokers.

2003 – Hon Lik patented the device and started to sell it on the Chinese market in 2004. So, China was the first country to vape. The product appeared on entered the U.S. market in 2007.

What is Actually an Electronic Cigarette?

An e-cigarette is a battery-powered gadget that operates by heating a liquid and turning it to an aerosol that can be inhaled. An e-cig was designed to adequately supply nicotine a smoker desires, but without the dangerous components that can be found in a smoke from a typical cigarette. So, how it works?

An e-cigarette consists of three main parts:

  • a lithium-ion battery
  • a microelectronic chamber
  • a cartridge.

The battery powers the device. It is connected to the heating chamber. Electronic controls and an atomizer lie in this chamber. A cartridge that holds nicotine liquid is attached to the chamber. The atomizer heats the nicotine-containing liquid inside the cartridge and converts it into vapor. The user takes the tip of the cartridge in the lips (it serves as a mouthpiece) and inhales in a conventional way. When the user exhales clouds of vapor it looks like regular tobacco smoke. But there’s no combustion and no awful tobacco smell.

What Are The Types of E-Cigarettes?

There’s an abundance of unique e-cigs on the market. They vary in design and performance. But generally, they are classified into three generations:

  • The 1st generation e-cigarettes strongly resemble a traditional cigarette, though slightly bigger and a bit heavier. Cig-a-likes are very popular for obvious reasons – they are small in size. Plus, they are disposable and can serve you for around a week. It’s a perfect choice for beginners since they don’t have much knowledge of how to use vaporizers.

Ex-smokers also prefer cig-a-likes. This is particularly true to visual types. They are not satisfied just with sensations similar to smoking. They want the device to look like a real cigarette.

The only drawback of these models is a short battery life.

  • The 2nd generation e-cigarettes are larger, generally pen-style devices that can be recharged. Mid-size e-cigs have a longer battery life than cig-a-likes. Unlike the disposables, they have a refillable atomizer that can be replaced for an affordable price. The benefits of vape pens include portability, satisfying vapor quality, and cost-effectiveness. This is the best option for an average user.
  • The 3rd generation e-cigarettes are devices that don’t look like a regular cigarette. These advanced personal vaporizers (APV) are available in a variety of sizes and shapes – from a screwdriver to a little boxlike gizmo. APV usually have large batteries that are removable and rechargeable.

Some parts of the devices are replaceable. That’s why they are often called “box mods.” The vape mods are refillable. And they have a reputation for providing the best vaping experience. APVs are packed with more power options that help to adjust and boost the performance. However, it may be too complicated to use for a beginner.

Why Do People Shift to E-Cigs?

E-cigarettes wouldn’t be considered a tech wonder if it wasn’t so popular. There’re three main reasons why it’s in so high demand:

1. A lot of struggling smokers managed to quit.

The British Medical Journal published the results of an extensive study. More than 160,000 people over 15 years who tried to quit tobacco smoking and used e-cigarettes were more successful in carrying out their intention than those who didn’t use them.

So, vape devices seem an effective technological tool to address smoking cessation. The reason it is effective is that it mimics smoking. Digital vapes replace their paper counterparts and smokers don’t have the feeling that they abruptly lose their habit.

2. The e-vapor is very clean.

You might have heard smokers talking about their wish to quit as they no longer want to harm their body. They talk about a cough, difficulty breathing in case of exercise stress, and other mild consequences of inhaling smoke that contains 4000 chemicals, many of which are really dangerous. If you use your e-cig vaporizer to vape herbs, it will produce vapor by heating it, not smoke.

3. People take new personal identity: smokers relabel themselves as vapers.

Vape communities are constantly growing. They are active online. They meet at vape lounges and shops. They participate in cloud-chasing competitions. For some, vaping has become a lifestyle.

So, the innovation of an e-cigarette took some time. Vape innovators faced some technical and social challenges. But its future promises to be even more thrilling. The aims of the manufacturers are to improve the devices so that they could provide the best and the safest possible experience for the users.