Echo of War: Amazon unveils 6 new devices for smart homes introduced six new devices on Wednesday, including five new members of the Echo family, at a hardware launch event in Seattle, Washington. All the upcoming products are available for preorder, and among them, there are the next-gen Echo and Echo Plus and the new Fire TV with 4K and HDR.

The timing is just right for the online retail giant, who is stepping into the spotlight once again after its rivals have done the same in previous weeks. Apple had its own show at the beginning of the month, and the internet spoiled the entirety of Google’s upcoming presentation set for October 4.

In addition, Amazon knows that the holiday season is approaching, preceded by important dates for retailers such as Black Friday. Without further ado, here are all the devices that Amazon introduced today.

New Amazon Echo and Echo Plus – Price: $99.99 and $149.99

The next generation of Amazon Echo devices is here, and it comes with two new products. The standard cylinder we have come to know and love has separated into two different devices: the new Echo, which is now smaller than the first iteration, and the Echo Plus, which resembles the old one but is more advanced.

The Echo is now back with a new design and better sound provided by Dolby. The new speaker architecture on the home assistant is paired with second-gen far field technology, and it’s all wrapped in a shell available in six different colors and patterns.

On the other hand, the Echo Plus is the new and more refined brother of the Echo, oriented toward smart home tasks like working together seamlessly with all of your other connected devices. You can now set up Alexa Routines, make calls, and play games.

Amazon Echo Connect – Price: $34.99

The Echo Connect is among the first devices of the new extended family of the Echo. For just $34.99, this adapter will turn your compatible Echo device of choice into a speakerphone for your landline, plus all your usual Alexa smart functions.

You can ask Alexa to pick up a call coming from your home phone, and Alexa’s extended abilities let it call the contacts you have registered on your handset as well as dial numbers you dictate to it. Support for international calls to Canada and Mexico is coming soon.

Amazon Echo Spot – Price: $129.99

A new Echo device in its own right, the Echo Spot now sits between the traditional cylinder and the more expensive Echo Show, which topples the family with a $229.99 price and limited availability.

The Echo Spot is a modern take on an alarm clock; a hybrid smart assistant with a circular display and a front facing camera so you can make video calls too. The nightstand device pairs with other Bluetooth devices so you can control music as well and the screen can show video feeds and info like weather updates.

Amazon Echo Buttons – Price: $19.99

Echo Buttons are a new breed of Alexa Gadgets, according to Amazon, and they are focused on Alexa’s seemingly new entertainment abilities. They will come in sets of two, and pushing them can trigger games based on the smart assistant.

There is no release date or shipping date for the Echo Buttons, but it is known that more devices of their kind are coming. The buttons will illuminate, probably in different colors, when engaged in game mode and perhaps other functions.

New Amazon Fire TV with 4K UHD and HDR – Price: $69.99

Finally, the new Amazon Fire TV sneaked into the Echo party to show its new features like 4K Ultra HD and High Dynamic Range (HDR) support. Dolby Atmos audio and 60 fps playback are also featured, along with a new Alexa Voice Remote to browse through channels with ease.

The next generation Fire TV has also been redesigned to look much like a Chromecast Ultra, except it is squared instead of rounded in shape. As with other devices, you can now control Alexa too on the streaming box, making it show you video feeds or other apps, for example.

Source: Amazon