Best E3 2017 game trailers
E3 2017: Game trailer compilation. Image: Xataka.

E3 2017 is well on its way, with showroom floors opening this Tuesday, June 13 until Thursday, June 15. Fans and enthusiasts will be able to get their hands on the games showcased during the weekend by Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, and more.

Some game studios and publishing houses have already come forward to exhibit what they have in stock for the coming months and years, including Electronic Arts (EA).

Ubisoft and Sony will have their turn on Monday, while Nintendo will be last on Tuesday morning. While we wait for Microsoft and Bethesda’s press conferences later this Sunday, here is a look at the best we have seen revealed at E3 so far.

Star Wars: Battlefront II – November 17

Among the top highlights of the weekend ahead of E3 was EA’s presentation, which gave fans and the video game community a stream of new titles to be excited about. Star Wars: Battlefront II was arguably one of the best received of them all.

Spanning 40 years of franchise lore, the second installment of the Battlefront series reboot will include playable adventures and characters from the original trilogy, the sequels, and the current timeline that started with Episode VII.

The action shooter will also feature a campaign mode with a story that introduces new characters as well as familiar ones for Star Wars fans. It debuts on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One (and Scorpio?) this November 17.

A Way Out – Early 2018

Also arriving on all three platforms at the beginning of 2018 is A Way Out, the upcoming co-op adventure developed by Hazelight Studios, a team of newcomers from Sweden led by Josef Fares.

The film director turned its career towards Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons some years ago to worldwide success and publishing across most available platforms. He’s back with the brotherhood theme this time, although in a darker, grittier fashion.

A Way Out requires two players at all times, be them on the same system or via online co-op. Together, they will have to plot and carry out their escape from prison and be on the run if they want to survive as free men.

Anthem – Fall 2018

BioWare, best known for the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises, are back with a new IP announced in partnership with EA: Anthem. Set to debut in late 2018 and possibly delayed until 2019, the game shows some aspects we’ve seen before in other titles.

Details are scarce about this new adventure, but it looks to be set in a dystopian world where primeval beasts roam the outskirts of a community protected by a wall.

The people who live inside have to go out into the wilderness to gather resources, presumably, and they do so wearing Titanfall-like mech suits equipped with both weaponry and protection. More details will be revealed later on.

Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar DLC – September 2017

In the Name of the Tsar is the second expansion to Battlefield 1, and it will launch this September on all systems. The DLC will be focused on the Eastern Front action, and it will introduce female fighters of the Women’s Battalions of Death.

The deadliest female sniper in history was formed in these rows, which include new weapons, cavalry, and vehicles in the game. Six new maps will be available, as well as nighttime combats in the cold, Russian battlefields.