Drake faces an indecent proposition in Please Forgive Me
Drake faces an indecent proposition in Please Forgive Me. Image from Twitter.

Canadian rapper, Drake, is going back to its acting roots. The ‘Hotline Bling’ interpreter released a 23-minute short film titled ‘Please Forgive Me’ this Monday, September 26. The visual companion piece is inspired by his latest studio album ‘Views.’

‘Please Forgive Me’ is the latest audiovisual feature by Drake. The hip-hop artist had previously ventured into music-based film territory with the shooting and release of ‘Jungle,’ a short film inspired by his previous 2015 mixtape ‘If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late.’

The action-packed visual stars Drake alongside the Belgian model Fanny Neguesha, Soni Chidiebere, Popcaan, and Kyla Reid in a dangerous journey across the world. Drake released ‘Please Forgive Me’ exclusively for Apple Music users.

‘Please Forgive Me’ draws elements from the ‘Indecent Proposal’ film

‘Indecent Proposal’ is perhaps most famous for introducing, well, the indecent proposal of sex for money to mainstream media. Ever since then, countless TV shows and films have used the trope in different forms to move their plot along.

The premise is the same in Drake’s new ‘Please Forgive Me’ short film. The rapper’s girlfriend, played by Fanny Neguesha, gets into a similar nature arrangement with a business mogul. Although audiences may think that Drake would be opposed to such an act, the ‘One Dance’ singer reluctantly agrees in exchange for $1 million.

However, what follows is not exactly what you would expect. Things quickly escalate out of control and out of the country, taking Drake in pursuit of the man all the way to the South African capital of Johannesburg.

Drake might venture into the film industry

Drake and company shot the 23-minute music video in just a week. Principal photography wrapped up in South Africa just in time for the start of Drake’s ‘Summer Sixteen Tour.’

Long-time Drake collaborator and producer Noah ‘40’ Shebib scored the short film, while Apple Music’s hard-hitter Anthony Mandler sat in the director’s chair. Mandler is best known for directing videos for Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, and Drake’s love interest Rihanna.

Some media outlets have noted the release of ‘Please Forgive Me’ also represents a return to Drake’s Hollywood aspirations. The Canadian artist had his first big break as an actor before entering the music scene, starring in ‘Degrassi: The Next Generation’ as Jimmy, the main character in the show bound to a wheelchair.

Drake acted as a disabled kid named Jimmy at Degrassi.
Drake acted as a disabled kid named Jimmy at Degrassi. Image credit: DBK News.

‘Please Forgive Me’ could be more than a high-profile music video, since Drake could also be using Apple Music as a window to showcase his almost-forgotten acting chops. After all, several rappers have turned into actors over the course of their careers. Drake’s move would be nothing new.

Source: Billboard