When you talk about online photo sharing, it’s all about ‘Instagram’.

The public photo sharing app garners one of the largest user-bases collecting thousands of shots from around the World everyday. Though the app does not necessarily cater the needs of all users, so here are the best Instagram alternative apps.

Though the app does not necessarily cater the needs of all users, so here are the best Instagram alternative apps.

Its user interface is simple and lets you instantly push your photographs to your friends, tagged groups and other social entities like celebrities. As one of the wealthiest photo sharing apps, the Facebook-owned company was the first to pioneer hashtags (#) on photographs and then retro-filters for them too.

But there may be a few reasons why many wouldn’t like to use Instagram. Beginning with the fact that despite Facebook and Instagram work independently, like Facebook, Instagram is also known to sell your photos and data to marketers.

If privacy isn’t an issue, your feed page loads images uploaded by just about everyone. Then there’s also the question of not really being able to ‘edit’ your photos before they go up.

If you don’t like Instagram for one of the above reasons, we’ve chalked down a few alternatives that you could try.

Better editing options?

While Instagram lets you choose from a wide number of editing features, they don’t allow you to really ‘edit’ your photos.

Like when you use the ‘Vignette’ tool on Instagram, all you will see is a single bar that adds a shadow to the outskirts of your image.

Other editing applications like ‘Snapseed’ come with additional options, like the Vignette tool that lets you adjust shadows with the options of ‘outer brightness’ as well as ‘inner-brightness’. Google-owned ‘Snapseed’ is regarded as one of the best ‘free’ photo-editing apps for smartphones.

Both ‘Pixlr’ and ‘Snapseed’ allow you to save edited images to the camera roll so you can publish them on Instagram, since they do have one of the widest photo-sharing networks after all.

Don’t like a random experience?

Instagram tends to load your screen with feed from just about everywhere and everyone. If you don’t like a random experience like that, not to mention if you don’t want to chew on your data viewing what doesn’t interest you; you can use ‘Negatives’.

It is an application that allows you to sync feed from your Instagram account. Negatives pulls feed from your friends and interest groups and displays that in a film-strip so you can quickly flick through all that interests you.

Ditch Instagram altogether?

Flickr is considered as one of the prime competitors to Instagram. They offer you one terabyte of free storage space, where you can store and share your photographs online through social networks or Flickr’s vast photo-sharing community.

It allows you to edit your images and comes with tonnes of filters for different moods. What’s best is that ‘Flickr’ additionally allows you to retain rights to your images, and therefore allowing for better privacy if you want it.

Another application, ‘EyeEm’, seeks to put shutterbugs to a more productive use, by offering them 10$ for photographs that are purchased by other users.

The app links you with a broad community of professional photographers so you can enjoy shots taken by others too.

EyeEm keeps $10 of the original $20 that your image retails for as their cut.

So now you have ways to better edit your images, probably make some money off them, as well as the liberty to choose an altogether new platform to share your photographs.

You can make your pick.