Digital Marketing, Google Adwords
You can get a Google Adwords certification for free. Image: Google Developers.

Google AdWords is an online advertising platform essential for any business out there nowadays. It is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing tools there is, and launching campaigns with it can significantly help in building your reputation on the internet.

However, as is usually the case with specialized tools be they software or online, there are a lot of aspects and details about it that can only be exploited properly by a professional with the necessary in-depth knowledge.

Luckily, Google has made AdWords simple and accessible enough that anyone with the will to learn can master it like a pro if so they desire it. From small businesses to large enterprises, digital ad campaigns are a necessary regardless of who drives them.

Anyone can get an AdWords certification

For starters, it must be said that Google offers AdWords certification for people and businesses who meet certain requirements. This status is within reach of anyone managing a moderately successful venture, so it is truly up to your level of commitment to making yourself truly relevant in the web.

AdWords is relatively straightforward, and it works much like other digital advertising models out there. In fact, if anything, the platform is the grandfather of services like Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads, which have been heavily influenced by the characteristics present in Google’s product-positioning infrastructure.

The whole system relies mostly on cookies and keywords to function, allocating text-based ads and graphic announcements in search results and websites that meet the criteria determined by administrators. Put simply: your ads will pop up whenever someone looks up the matching keywords for it.

Nevertheless, that is just the surface layer of AdWords. Knowing the twists and turns of each element and how they affect your web performance are key aspects that need to be considered when you are trying to market your website.

When do I need a digital marketing professional? 

While AdWords certification might be within most people’s grasp that does not guarantee the fact that you know your way around the platform well enough to get the results that you need or were requested to get.

There are variables to consider, tests to be run, analyses to be made, and constant changes to learn with AdWords. Professionals and experts, if you or your company can afford them, are best to have in a scenario where you want to assure your online position.

Similarly, campaigns can be canceled at any moment without any costs, but most of them are long-term engagements that involve dedication. Online marketing is not a side-job that you can just take and check whenever you have the chance. You need to be on top of your metrics to see what you are doing right or wrong.

For these reasons, it would be advisable to consider the possibility of having someone on a permanent position to take care of your AdWords necessities if your business has both the needs and the resources to afford it.