Ditto makes catching a Shiny Magikarp frustrating
Ditto makes catching a Shiny Magikarp frustrating. Image: theUSBport.

Niantic Labs kicked off the Water Festival in Pokémon Go on March 22 worldwide, and it will come to an end this March 29. The event gives players the opportunity to catch more water creatures and even a shiny Magikarp.

Even though the mobile AR hit has lost most of its momentum, there is still a fan-based community that continues to play the game every day. These fans will get a chance to catch the elusive Totodile, Squirtle, and Lapras for three more days.

Pokémon Go is still a success compared to other mobile games of its kind, and the developing team has, after much trouble, learned how to listen to fans and consider their insights.

Did you catch a Shiny Magikarp? You should check again

Shiny Magikarp was a late addition to the Water Festival event, which is meant to celebrate the United Nations’ World Water Day. The infamous golden fish can be caught in the wild and evolved into the iconic Red Gyarados.

The Red Gyarados is a staple Pokémon from the second-generation games, and it was one of most coveted creatures due to its amazing red scales and great power.

Now, in Pokémon Go, players have the unique, limited opportunity to get their hands not on the Red Gyarados itself but on a shiny Magikarp that evolves into the mighty creature after feeding it 400 candies.

While the main purpose of the event is to make all water Pokémon proliferate more in the wild, there is a catch to finding a shiny Magikarp: it may not even be a Magikarp after all.

Gyarados’ pre-evolution is one of the creatures that Ditto can transform into and, as such, it can appear like it in the wild. Numerous reports online have surfaced about players finding a shiny Magikarp and catching it, only to have it turn into a Ditto.

It’s your chance to catch a Lapras, a Dratini, and a Dragonair

There are three more days left of Lapras abundance in the wild. Image: Forbes.

Niantic’s announcement made it seem like Pokémon Go fans would get a much-deserved shot at filling out some Pokedex pages this week, but the water event has only brought a few Gen 1 sightings.

Squirtle and, very rarely, some of its evolutions are popping out more, but there are almost no reports of Totodile, Croconaw, and Feraligatr like players expected according to Niantic’s post.

However, there has been a silver lining these last few days: Lapras has become more widely available, and some users report even the rare Dratini and Dragonair are also showing up more near water areas.

The Water Festival in Pokemon Go ends on March 29, 1 P.M. PDT.

Source: Pokémon Go Live