"Risa of Iron" takes place in The Plaguelands, a quarantined area from The Cosmodrome. Image Source: NDTV

Game publisher, Activision, launched a pre-order of the new Destiny: Rise of Iron expansion. The DLC of Bungie’s best-selling awarded series will feature plenty of upgrades and additions such as a new single-player cinematic campaign, Maximum Light increase, and both Raids and Crucible modes for multiplayer competitions.

Also, the developers have thrown some hints about the players being able to choose armor or weapons from Faction Packages, and a LiveStream of the expansion will broadcast next week.

Destiny: Rise of Iron is set to release on September 20th for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with pre-orders now available at the game’s main website for$29.99.

The first-person shooter unveils a new story and location

“Risa of Iron” takes place in The Plaguelands, a quarantined area from The Cosmodrome that remained protected until a Faction called The Devil Splicers breached it to transform and conquer the location with the aid of a forbidden technology known as “SIVA.”

In the single-mode campaign, players will control Lord Saladin while fighting the Splicers with new weapons, armor, and gear, as well as unveiling the mystery of the Iron Lords, a group of honored guardians that appeared before the rise of The Vanguard and The Last City.

Players will have a first look at the game next week

Multiplayer options are a significant aspect of the DLC as it incorporates new faction Raids and bosses. The Crucible, a battle mode that provides balanced statistics between players, will be expanded with the addition of four maps. A LivesStream of this mode on Bungie’s Twitch channel is set to broadcast at 10:00 – Pacific time – next Tuesday, August 16th. Destiny’s Lead designers, Lars Bakken and Steve Cotton will host the stream.

“Rise of Iron” could eliminate random loot within factions

Destiny’s developers have been revealing some of the expansion’s features recently. Game Director, Christopher Barret, posted a tweet about online rewards, suggesting that a new option would let players choose between armor and weapons from Faction Packages.

Although the published image only displays New Monarchy rewards, it is likely that both the Dead Orbit and Future War Culture factions would also get the same choices. Also, some rumors surrounding the game suggest there’ll be an additional multiplayer option called “Supremacy” that is reportedly similar to Call of duty’s Kill Confirmed mode.

Destiny: Rise of Iron, requires the player to own and complete the main game, as well as the previous I, II, and Taken King expansions. Bungie is offering instant access to the classic Gjallarhorn rocket launcher by pre-ordering for $29.99.

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