Denmark breaks a world record with the V164 wind turbine
Denmark breaks a world record with the V164 wind turbine. Image: TheUSBport.

It seems that Denmark has got itself a new record, and the reason is that their wind turbine located in Østerild, Denmark, the “V164” has just blown the 24-hours of energy production.

This wind turbine features a height of about 720 foot tall, and the blades weight about 35 tons and have a height of 262 feet each.

It was built in collaboration between Vestas Wind Systems, and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries has produced over 216,000 kWh of energy, which is an amount that could power an average American household for about 20 years.

These companies are showing wind turbines are solid investments

Late in 2016, both companies revealed the MHI Vestas Offshore Wind, which was a 9 Megawatt (MW) prototype. Later, they released an 8.0 Megawatt version that they called the “V164-8.0” that produced more energy under the right climatological conditions.

Back in 2014, the “V164” reached enough energy to power about 16,000 British households. On December 1 of last year, the “V164” wind turbine produced about 216,000 kWh over a 24 hour period, setting it as a new record for any commercially-available offshore wind turbine ever made.

Since this test was successful, both companies now will hope to increase the energy production for all their customers, using fewer turbines to bring the costs down a bit.

MHI Vestas Offshore Wind CTO, Torben Hvid, said in a statement they were committed to delivering turbine technologies, where these are, in line with the development of their industry, based on more than 20 years of offshore experience.

Denmark is a leader in the Aeolic energy industry

It is well known that Denmark is a country that still leads when it comes to offshore wind power. Back in 2015, Denmark’s wind output was exceeding their national demand.

This is an outstanding achievement for this relatively small country. It is proof that the offshore wind power could, in the future, supply enough energy to bigger countries, just like the U.S.A or China, due to the fact of the potential that this power source could offer to many countries to help minimize the environmental impact that other energy sources have on the planet.

However, this will also mean that it will stimulate the use of a cleaner method applied in those countries and, maybe other nations could try out the effectiveness of this alternative and useful power source.

Source: Digital Trends