Dell Latitude 5825 2-in-1 vs. Apple iPad Pro 10.5
Apple's tablet faces Dell's 2-in-1.

Apple’s WWDC served as a stage for the tech giant to reveal the new iPad Pro 10.5, a tablet with desktop-like specs. Meanwhile, Dell debuted the Latitude 5825 2-in-1 around the same time, a worthy rival for the Cupertino device.

The two tablets are out in the market as the latest competitors to Microsoft’s Surface Pro family and products like HP’s Spectre x360. High-end convertibles are all the rage now, and it is easy to see why given their great performance and relative affordability.

Manufacturers showed people at Computex that this trend was going nowhere anytime soon, with ASUS and Acer unveiling new devices of this category at the Taiwan event.

The Latitude has monstrous specs, but the iPad Pro has a better display

Dell’s new Latitude 5825 2-in-1 is powered by an Intel Core i7-7600U, while the iPad Pro 10.5 packs an A10X Fusion chip designed in-house by Apple. It needs to be said, though, that Apple’s is technically just a tablet while Dell’s device is supposed to double as a laptop.

That said, the new iPad Pro is considerably faster than other devices in its category, even beating last year’s MacBook Pro in some tests. The Latitude 5825, on the other hand, seems to shine as well but not as bright.

The Retina Display on the iPad Pro measures 10.5 inches across, has 2224 x 1668 resolutions, and supports multi-touch gestures. The touch LCD on Dell’s Latitude, however, has just FHD 1920 x 1080 resolutions.

With top specs, the 5825 2-in-1 carries 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of SSD storage, while Apple’s latest iPad has 4 GB of RAM in all models and can store as much as 512 GB of data.

The iPad Pro has amazing cameras and a decent battery 

Apple’s iPad Pro has a 12 MP, 4K-capable camera on the back that rivals previous generation devices of its lineup and even current iPhones. On the front, the iPad has a 7 MP FaceTime camera ready to capture 1080p video at 30 or 60 fps.

Meanwhile, Dell’s Latitude 5825 has a 5.7 MP rear shooter and a 3.7 MP camera on the front for selfies. Not the greatest, but better than other devices of its category by other Windows-based manufacturers.

The Latitude wins in connectivity, though, offering a full array of ports including two Display Ports over USB-C and two different card readers versus the iPad’s sole Lightning port.

Both tablets offer Wi-Fi and SIM model configurations, but out of the two, Apple’s has the best battery life. It can last 9 hours on average in contrast to Dell’s 6 hours of continuous performance. Fingerprint readers are present on both devices as well.

Dell’s Latitude is much more expensive than the iPad Pro

Opting for the configurations with the highest specs possible, Apple’s new iPad Pro 10.5 comes out as the winner at $1,049 and around $1,200 if you add accessories like the keyboard and the Apple Pen.

Dell’s Latitude 5825 2-in-1 costs a whopping $1,469 with top performance components, an option that leaves it out of the seemingly accessible range it starts at. The iPad’s starting price is $649, and the Latitude’s is $899, still a wide margin.

Apple’s iPad Pro, however, is best suited for content creators looking to get the same performance on their tablets as they do on their workstations, while Dell’s 2-in-1 is for executives and enterprise customers who want a solidly built laptop they can carry around without compromising much.

Source: Dell Apple