In the spirit of Father’s day, the US carrier Verizon (NASDAQ: VZ) has announced a new deal for its customers offering the iPhone 6 for $200 off.

According to the company, the deal will be on until June 21, which coincides with Father’s day as mentioned above. Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL) seventh iteration of the iPhone line-up is overall a great handset and would be a great gift for a tech-savvy father. The company’s mobile operating system, iOS, is a very simple, smooth and easy to learn piece of software that would just be the right fit for a first smartphone.

Besides looking at it as a gift, the iPhone 6 would be a brilliant upgrade for owners of an iPhone 5 or the previous models. The design of the handset is brilliant, it houses a powerful spec-sheet and its camera offers the greatest performance in the mobile market. In addition to that the company recently unveiled iOS 9, which will be rolled out to the public this autumn, bringing a mass of new features. Moreover, the size of the update is just 1.3 gigs, much better than last year’s iOS 8 which captivated 4.6GB.

In order to receive the offer, a Verizon customer should upgrade its plan or add another line to their account as well. The deal is compatible with both Verizon’s classic two-year contract and Edge. As Tech Times has correctly pointed out, subscribers of the carrier can get their hands on the 16GB version of the handset out of charge since its original price tag is $199. Primarily all you have to do is pick the model you wish to opt for, go to checkout and in the promo code section add the word DADNGRAD, and the discount should be applied automatically. Various reports suggest that the deal cannot be used for the iPhone 6 plus, the phablet edition of the phone.