Datadog offers a SaaS (software as service) monitoring and analytics platform for enterprises’ IT infrastructures, operations and developer teams. Image Source: Datadog

Cloud monitoring company Datadog is extending its business reach. Until now, it was focused on helping other organizations manage their online servers, but the enterprise is moving into the application performance monitoring (APM) space and becoming direct competitors of New Relic.

APM is the field of surveillance and management apps’ software performance. The area is close to Datadog’s primary business, but so far the company has kept far away from the APM vendors.

Following on Datadodog’s Series D investment, the computing company is on a quest to broaden its customer base and market size. They have been building their APM solution that will favor their clients.

Datadog and New Relic will compete as APM vendors

Datadog offers a SaaS (software as service) monitoring and analytics platform for enterprises’ IT infrastructures, operations and developer teams. Their service gathers performance data, metrics and events from a server.

Some of their customers include Amazon, Windows, Apple, Java, and Ubuntu. New Relic is a San Francisco-based SaaS company. Their platform monitors the web and mobile applications running on cloud or on-premise.

Datadog integrated some of their services with their soon to be competitor New Relic. However, their recent move is a desire to help their clients troubleshoot their entire IT environment, both infrastructure, and applications, without the need of a third-party player.

Datadog chief product officer Amit Agrawal explained the new tools would deliver quicker and more consistent resolutions to achieve an overall better performance.


Datadog’s APM tools include performance optimization and outage diagnosis to increase performance of large-scale users

The company will host the new products as SaaS solutions and offer support through the usual channels: email, SMS, and cloud collaboration chats as HipChat and Slack.

Developers of the new product assure the company will be the only APM vendor modern enough to handle the new ways of building applications.

On that regard, there is a prevailing thought in the IT world: old companies tend to accumulate technological debts to others as their services get outdated. However, New Relic is less than a decade old and started as a cloud-based service, so it’s not safe to say Datadog’s competitors can’t handle today’s application standards.

Even so, Cameron Height, vice president of Gartner IT Systems, Security, and Risk research group wrote that most existing APM vendors are not keeping up with the growth of the application environment.

The research group is part of Datadog’s clients. They belief there is a tremendous advantage in having the same company monitoring both the dynamic of their cloud infrastructure and the performance of their applications.

Source: Computer World