Custom Cable Assemblies: How Are They Made?

When you are working with electronics or telecommunications devices, you need custom cable assemblies that will match the devices you are building. You need to decide if you need a power supply, data cable, voice cable, Internet cable, or a combination of the above. The steps listed below explain how the cable assembly company will build the cables you need.

What Does The Cable Do?

As you search for more information on custom cable assemblies, you need to decide what the cable should do. If the cable is supposed to transmit data, you can get a high-speed data cable. If the cable is supposed to transmit voice calls, you can get voice wiring added. There are cables that will help transmit your Internet signal, and there are some that have a power supply built-in. Let the assembly company know what you need before you begin.

How Long Is The Cable?

You need to know if the cable should be a certain length or should be built on a large spool. If you have a massive spool made for your company, you can cut off the cable at any time to continue your assembly. If the cable is made with certain specifications, you can get the exact length that you need.

If the cable has been made on a spool, you need to request a certain length so that spool can be delivered to your company. You may start with something like 1000 feet, or you could place even larger orders when your company does major installations every day.

Another thing to consider is how the cable will be shaped. Some people would prefer to use a curly cable because it will retract back to its normal shape when you are no longer using it. If you would prefer this style, you need to ask how your custom order could be twisted into a curly cord.

Does The Cable Have A Jack Or Input?

You can have the cable built with a male or female input. Plus, you can have custom jacks made for each cable. You may use unique inputs on your devices, and you need to know that everything is going to fit. There are many companies that experiment with new inputs or wiring, and you can get a special jack built just for your cable.

The Jacketing

When you have a new cable made for your company, you need heavy rubber jacketing that will protect the cable. You could even have the cable designed so that it can sit underwater. Some cables will be in danger of being damaged because they are used in a hostile environment, or the cable may need a heavy rubber jacket because it is used in a high heat environment.

Do You Need A Power Supply?

You can have a power supply included in any cable. For example, a data cable that you use for your underwater surveys could also have power capabilities. The cable could power the computer it is plugged into, and the cable could power the camera that is on the other end. The cables tend to get wider when you are adding all these amenities, but these cables are far more functional than the cables you buy at the store.


The custom cables you have ordered for your company should be designed to ensure that you get the best possible connection speeds and power capacity. You can have the cables covered in a heavy rubber jacket that will protect the wires, and you can even ask for special materials to be used so that you get even higher speeds or better power transfer.