Far Cry 5 reviews are in: here’s what you need to know

Ubisoft Montreal has released some updates on the development of one of the most anticipated multi-console games, Far Cry 5. Unlike the previous games of the franchise in which the player has a designated character, this is the first one to feature a character creator allowing players to customize their own players. This will also enable players to have a more personalized progression.

According to Gamespot, the game’s formula has had some “positive refinements” that will allow players to fully take advantage of the game’s extensive open world by enjoying the activities each and every sight has to offer. The developers have proved to be confident with the changes made to the game, by allowing players to take control of their own progression.

Far Cry 5: facts and tips you should know

The entire Map will be made available to the player after a classical orientation session at the beginning of the game, after that the game will only suggest convenient paths for the player in 3 large regions that must be explored and exploited. Allowing a more freeform gaming experience, the game will allow the player to make his or her own decisions.

The player must explore all 3 regions of the game, and the goal here will be for it to earn enough resistance points in order to have 3 encounters with 3 lieutenants loyal to the cult that is taking over America that happens to be led by “The Father” Joseph Seed.

Once the player earns enough resistance points and goes through every boss stage, the player will gather his own resistance group that will be available to provide assistance throughout the game. These points can be collected by completing side quests or completing main story missions, all so there is a stance against the cult known as Eden’s Gate.

Montana as a setting for Far Cry 5

Far Cry 5’s development team stated that they were keen on creating a realistic environment, which is why it was decided to spend some time in Montana, they stated that among the reasons Montana was chosen was because of the local nature, being the ones responsible for setting the environment.

According to the developers, the team pointed out Montana due to the location, being a frontier state it “gives a particular atmosphere”. Also, developers noted the locals to be ” of a self-reliant nature, who do not want any authority or outsider to intervene in their life”

Source: Gamespot