Young Woman Writing Dissertation

There is no such thing as the best dissertation writing service — the criteria are different for different students and the variety of situations, which means you need to spend time and efforts looking for the most applicable one. We will try to make this task a little easier for you. Let’s take a closer look at some tips on how to choose the most suitable dissertation writing service.

Check on References and Be Specific

First, you should ask your friends and peers you truly trust their experience with such companies. You can hear very different stories, both positive and negative, so you should be ready to filter those. You don’t need someone’s emotional background, you need only solid facts. To receive adequate feedback you should first get ready to ask direct questions. “Do you think I should use that service?” is not even close to one of those questions.

Here is a small example of a questionnaire you may consider to use:

  • Which service did you use?
  • Did you use it only once? Why?
  • Did you use it for complex papers like research proposals, capstone projects, etc.?
  • Did you pay the same price as was established from a very beginning?
  • Was the paper delivered on time?
  • Was the process fully clear to you?
  • How was the support team?
  • Does that service really work 24/7?
  • Did you have to revise the paper?
  • Were revisions actually free?
  • Did you enjoy the overall quality of the paper?
  • Was a final draft well-formatted?
  • Was the recommended citation style followed to the dot?
  • Were the references up-to-date? Were they all accessible?
  • Did you have a direct access to an assigned writer?
  • Was your confidentiality guaranteed?
  • Was the payment method secure?
  • Are there any freebies?
  • Was the final draft 100% original?

There can be much more questions to consider, but we recommend starting from these ones. Of course, not all your friends will be happy to answer all the questions, but some of them will definitely be glad to help. Consider all the details before you place an order. And to do so, you need to think about your purchases in advance. There is a possibility you won’t be able to find a dissertation writing service that will fit all of your criteria perfectly, but you should not be discouraged — even 80% match is a great choice for your purpose. However, if the deadline is rather close, you will have to speed up on your research.

Discuss All the Details with a Support Team

Buying a dissertation is not ordering pizza — you will pay a significant amount of money for it, and you should make sure that your rights are protected. For this, you should be well-acquainted with the Terms and Conditions section as, basically, it is a contract you sign with a particular agency. Should you find something that makes you hesitant there, or what is not stated clearly enough and is important or can potentially harm you, don’t hesitate to address a support team and clear everything out. It is a contract you sign, and you have to know what you sign, otherwise, your budget and your reputation may suffer. Once the writer is assigned to deal with your dissertation, make sure to provide him or her with all the details regarding your order. If you don’t do it from the very beginning, later writer is not obligated to take them into account, so be organized.

Use the listed criteria and hints to receive quality assistance with your dissertation writing. If you find professional service, recommend it to others, as personal feedback is truly valuable. Good luck!