Create A Store And Make It To The List Of Top Shopify Stores

Shopify is one of the most popular and common e-commerce platforms. With the Shopify Point Of Sale (POS) service, people can easily list and sell their products online. It is originally a Canadian-based company established in the year 2004. It was started after its founder Tobi wanted to develop an efficient eCommerce platform for selling his skateboards. Moreover, the company also equips people with different services including making payments, placing, and shipping orders.

How does Shopify help retailers?

Shopify provides a platform for both big and small-scale businesses to become the top Shopify stores. They can make efficient use of this platform, whether their business is well-established or at its beginning stage. Moreover, people can sell different types of products including:

  • Hand-made products- This category include DIY stuff and handcrafted products such as gift boxes, bath bombs, and jewelry, etc.
  • Digital products- People can also sell e-courses, presets for photography, ebooks, audiobooks, and much more.
  • Travel tickets- People who are engaged with event organizing and similar things can list tickets on sale. They can also list tickets for events such as wine tasting and informative workshops.
  • Rental services- The Shopify platform can also be used for booking and renting props and costumes for any show or performance.

As your orders start to consistently increase, you may want to seek out Shopify fulfillment services to make your life easier.

How to create a Shopify store?

It is a pretty simple and straightforward process. People have to follow a few easy steps to create their Shopify store. They should have a detailed plan about what they want to sell? What they want to name their store?

  • The first and foremost step is to think of a unique name for the store. It will help them to create an identity and reputation in the market.
  • People can start their free trial anytime they want. They have to specify necessary information, including email address, password, and the name of their store.
  • The next step is to visit the Shopify Theme Store and choose from a wide range of themes. People can also add the logo of their store, which will differentiate it from the others.
  • They also have to add a payment method on the website.

Moreover, people can also make the desired changes in the layout of their website. They have to visit the online store and click on themes and choose the customize theme option. From there, they can create an attractive website and soon make it to the list of top Shopify stores.

Build your online business

Shopify is popular, especially due to its abundance of benefits. People can easily create an e-commerce website to find customers and sell their products. It is the most efficient way of earning money by following what people are passionate about. It also provides numerous built-in tools for effective management.


Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform with a user-friendly interface. Nearly everyone with a proper internet connection can use it for selling products. Moreover, the platform does not specify any prerequisite conditions for opening a store. People can use Shopify for successfully marketing their business.