Woman Getting Dental Treatment

Are you hiding your smile because you’re embarrassed by your teeth? A cosmetic dentist can help you upgrade from a grin back to a big smile again with some simple in-office procedures.

A cosmetic dentist is a specialist who qualified as a general dentist, then studied for an additional two years. During that additional educational period, they learn in-depth techniques on performing dental work that transforms the looks of your gums, teeth, or alignment. As a result, patients who seek treatment from a cosmetic dentist can regain the smile they thought they’d lost forever.

We reached out to Dr. Holly Gregory, a cosmetic dentist in Kingwood TX for the scoop on the most sought after cosmetic dental procedures and are sharing the information with you today.

Top 5 Cosmetic Dental Procedures

5 – Dental Veneers

You might have heard dental veneers referred to as porcelain veneers. They are one and the same. Patients choose dental veneers when they want dramatic change to their appearance. With veneers, patients can change some of the following imperfections:

  • Whiten teeth that look very dull or gray due to thinned enamel.
  • Enlarge teeth slightly to close an unsightly gap.
  • Lengthen teeth that are disproportionately small.
  • Reshape teeth that are chipped or jagged in appearance.

To perform this procedure, the dentist sands down the front side of the desired tooth or teeth attaches a permanent bonding agent, then applies a veneer. The veneer is a hand-crafted, customized shell that affixes permanently to the bonding agent.

Porcelain veneers offer a permanent fix to a smile that needs a boost.

4 – Dental Implants

Thanks to dental implants, patients with tooth loss no longer must accept dentures as their only treatment option. Dental implants are growing in popularity.

During this surgical procedure, the cosmetic dentist inserts titanium posts into the patient’s jawbone. Those posts serve as anchors for natural-looking replacement teeth.

Although it sounds intrusive, many patients find it a much more sensible solution because it is a permanent replacement to those lost teeth.

These implants eliminate the need to put dentures in and out every day. No more worrying over their teeth falling out while dining on their favorite crunchy foods!

3 – Excess Gum Tissue Correction

Patients who have excessive gums, which is often called a “gummy smile,” are often embarrassed about their teeth. Patients who suffer from this condition exhibit teeth which appear small. In fact, their gums are actually covering the teeth causing that “gummy” look.

Cosmetic dentists correct this in a one-day in office procedure commonly referred to as “gummy smile correction.” The dentist carefully reshapes and contours the gums to display the tooth surface that was hidden behind the excessive gum tissue.

2 – Invisalign™ Orthodontics

Cosmetic dentists also assist patients who want to have straighter or better aligned teeth. Gone are the days of the “train tracks” braces, as more patients now opt for Invisalign braces over their traditional metal counterparts.

Invisalign™ treatment works by applying gentle but constant pressure to direct the patient’s teeth into a more aesthetically pleasing position. These custom-fit clear trays are effective but invisible. The patient visits the dentist every few weeks to receive new trays as the teeth continue to shift into their permanent, more desirable location.

Patients love Invisalign™ for the following three main reasons:

  • They are transparent and virtually undetectable.
  • The trays are removable, so patients can eat their favorite foods without worrying about tearing off metal brackets or bending wires.
  • They have an easier time maintaining proper oral hygiene—no trying to brush around the braces, patients remove the trays to brush and floss.

It’s no wonder that patients are beginning to ask for this product by name over all other orthodontics.

1 – Teeth Whitening

What’s the most sought after treatment at every cosmetic dentist’s office? Teeth whitening. Everyone wants a bright, white smile.

The cosmetic dentist will be trained on several different in-office whitening techniques. These office-based procedures use more potent ingredients and deliver superior results to those patients can achieve at home.

Cosmetic teeth whitening procedures are done in a quick visit—or series of visits depending on which treatment your dentist recommends.

A whiter smile gives every patient a reason to flash those pearly whites to the world again.

The Bottom Line

If you have feelings of shame or embarrassment over your smile, ask your family dentist to recommend a cosmetic dentist. This specialist will have you beaming at the world again.